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        In order to acquire immortality, Elizabeth had a craze for maiden’s blood. She merely desired eternal youth at first, but her encounter with Jack changed her mind. Elizabeth’s longing for Jack made her want an everlasting life so bad. She stripped, lying into the bathtub filled with blood. As she went into ecstasies over it, she poured a full glass of blood and took a sip. Elemental power rampaged through her veins, causing a series of hallucinations…
        ‘Immortality comes at a price,’ said the robed wizard plainly.
        ‘Spit it out! Is it jewelry, land, or money?’ asked Elizabeth with a smile.
        ‘Blood. The blood of virgins is the key to eternal youth.’
        Elizabeth remained silent. She stepped up to a cheval glass and scanned her reflection — her aquamarine hair, translucent skin, and cherry red lips were as delicate as a doll. Elizabeth wallowed in her own beauty and hoped to permanently preserve her glamor. She summoned the the long-robed wizard to help her achieve that. When the wizard told her that immortality came at the price of the blood of virgins, she frivolously laughed at the heavens.
        ’Mr. Wizard, are you telling me to drink and bathe in the blood of lowly humans?’
        ’Yes, if you still long for eternal life.’
        ‘I’d rather retain the nobility and purity of my blood than defile it with the stench of pigs just to become immortal.’
        Elizabeth gave up her eternal life. She ordered her servants to see the wizard out.
        Bewitched by her beauty, many bigwigs tried hard to win the heart of Elizabeth. Today, a vigorous man proposed to her. She took a quick glance at him and said plainly, ‘I have no interest in you. Please leave.’
        ’Wait!’ the adolescent yelled as Elizabeth turned around. He continued, ‘What can I do to win your heart? I’d do anything!’ ‘Anything....I see.’ Elizabeth sneered. She stared at him and said, ‘If you manage to collect 99 roses, each a different color, I might consider your proposal.’ ‘I-I will!’ The adolescent ran away energetically with his servant. Actually, Elizabeth never took his proposal seriously, and she just made the request up at random. Afterwards, she returned to her room.
        A few days later, the adolescent proposed to Elizabeth with 99 roses in different colors! He had grown these roses by planting them in colored water. His romance earned praise from the crowd, but Elizabeth remained indifferent. She replied plainly, ‘You’re not the one for me after all.’ ‘Why? I did what you asked.’ ‘I long for an assertive man who doesn’t follow orders blindly.’ Elizabeth lost interest in the conversation and walked towards the corridor, no matter how desperately the adolescent begged for her stay.
        Elizabeth had proposals from the noble every day, but she turned them all down. She was waiting for the one that could move her heart. However, time flowed like a river. Aging reduced a number of suitors she had. She could not help but imagine a future where she died alone in an aged, withered body…
        ”Ms. Elizabeth, please consider my proposal!’
        Today, a middle-aged old man proposed to Elizabeth. He revealed the gift he had brought to her as he spoke. Be it his appearance or his style, Elizabeth just could not take a fancy to him. But she hesitated and did not turn him down without thinking like she did before. She wondered if her standards had been unrealistically high, leaving her no chance to start a relationship. Elizabeth stared at that man again. He was a loud talker who acted like a bumpkin. Her inner self could not accept him after all. The man was sent away eventually.
        Years passed. Elizabeth’s head was covered with silvery hair. She watched couples strolling through the park while she sat on a chair unaccompanied, but she did not feel lonely nor regretful. She would rather be alone than reluctantly accept someone she was not fond of. At that moment, a gust blew Elizabeth’s handkerchief from her hand. A green-haired man wearing a gentry hat and a yellow suit picked up the handkerchief and gave it to Elizabeth. He said, ‘Miss, is this yours?’ ‘Y-yes, thank you.’ Elizabeth took it shyly; She could not turn her eyes away the attractive man’s face…
        ”I would rather remain mortal than cage myself with an insatiable hunger for blood. My youth vanished long ago, but I finally met the one at the very end of my life..."