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        With the spread of the war, the world was increasingly flooded with souls of the deceased. The souls of the commoners were lingering in the present world, having no idea about where they should go. The souls of the warriors thought that the war had not ended, so they should not leave their companions to fight alone. Souls of Gods and Demons were lost in the realm of man, forgetting how to return to the place they belonged.

        Seeing more and more souls of the deceased lingering, Osiris started to feel annoyed. Knowing that Osiris could communicate with them, the souls of the deceased had been harassing him in the hope that he could help fulfill their unfinished wishes. At first, Osiris kept telling himself, “I’ll just ignore them.” However, as the disturbances came to him day by day, Osiris could not stand anymore at last.

        He found a place for the souls of the deceased as their final destination, in which everything would dissipate...

        Walking aimlessly, Osiris arrived at a village which had experienced a bloodbath. With abandoned houses and bones everywhere, it was believed that the village had been deserted for a long time. Osiris crouched down to take a look at the skeletons on the ground. They were lying there, exposed to the air, without a decent burial. It seemed that there were no survivors. Osiris closed his eyes and mourned for them with a moment of silence. Suddenly, a chill struck him from behind. Without turning back, Osiris already understood what was going on. He shook his head and sighed. A cloud of souls, again...

        “Where am I...?”

        “Dad... Mum... Where are you?”

        “I wanna go home...”

        Plaintive cries were echoing through the sky. With unfinished wishes and sudden deaths, it was hard for them to rest in peace. Osiris stood up, looked at them and said, “Restless souls of the deceased! This is not a place for you to linger. Follow me! So that you can find the place you should return to.” Then, Osiris walked towards the direction, followed by countless souls of the deceased.

        Standing in front of the magic circle for transportation, Osiris started to examine every soul of the deceased. Except for those of Gods and Demons, every deceased life could enter the circle and find their final destination, so as to rest in peace there.

        Osiris bowed his head and sighed for there were too many deaths. When he was judging the souls of the deceased, he also felt grief-stricken for how the world was torn by war...