Minerelves’ Record Story (Prequel) Ch. 3

        Inside an isolated country, there nurtured a special sort of elves. The species was called minerelf, for their body structure consisted of jewels. The nation gradually thrived under the king’s rule, and this story began at the thriving age…

        In the early morning, Onyx, the teenager in sports wear, was running to exercise. His firm muscles were covered by sweats.

        “Wheeze. 30 laps already. I should head home. I need to wash away this sticky feeling.”

        Onyx turned into a trail that led him home. The first thing he did after home was rushing into the bathroom, stripping himself naked for a shower.

        When he was about to get dressed after the shower, the bathroom door was barged open.

        A frustrated silver-haired teen who had an exquisite face grabbed Onyx shoulders and said, “Onyx, you gotta help me!”

        Other elves might be extremely uncomfortable if they were caught naked, but not Onyx, for he already got used to his headstrong pal Diamond.

        “Sure, but let me get dressed first,” said Onyx calmly.

        “Huh?” Diamond didn’t realize his nudity until now. He scratched his face and said, “oh, I’ll wait in your room then.”

        Onyx shook his head when Diamond stormed out of the bathroom. He took his time to get dressed and got himself a cup of tea before going back to his room.

        “What happened?” Onyx offered Diamond a cup of tea, who emptied the cup immediately.

“That annoying old man got me a fiancee, and he wants me to ascend the throne right after graduation!” Diamond was agitated.

        “I see. So that he can stop you from exploring the outer world. What a clever old man.” Onyx remained calm.

        “Hey, don’t make it sound like it’s not your business. Didn’t we promise each other to explore the outer world together? If I can’t go, you’ll be dragged down too!” Diamond scowled at Onyx.

        Onyx shrugged and said honestly, “it is what it is, and you won’t give up so soon. So what did he offer anyway?”

        Diamond’s face went gloomy immediately.

        “Looks like it’s a very harsh one, judging from his expression…,” Onyx thought.

        “Girl disguise…” Diamond murmured.


        “...I need to dress up as a girl and transfer to the Minerelf Girls’ School. If I can make it to graduation, he’ll let me go to the outer world.”

        Onyx was shocked speechless for a while before he burst into laughter.

        “...Are you done yet?” Diamond stared at Onyx.

        “I’m sorry, but this is hilarious. That’s just one hell of a move. With your phobia that makes you vomit when you make body contact with girls, now you have to dress up as a girl, be with girls and study in the girls’ school,” Onyx said as he managed to stop laughing, posing a surrender pose.

        “Although it sounds ridiculous, I gotta achieve it for my dream! That’s why I need your help,” said Diamond, putting a bag in front of Onyx.

        “Is uniform?” Onyx took out what was inside the bag, which was a cute girl’s uniform.

        “I’m afraid that I can’t hide my gender even with the girl’s uniform, so I need to test it with you,” said Diamond.

        “Sure. Let’s do this. Put it on quickly,” Onyx urged Diamond, as if he was waiting for a show.

        Diamond took action immediately and undressed himself, changing into the uniform.

        “Mmm...How do I wear this?”

        As Diamond was confused, Onyx went over to help. “It should belong here…”

        It took the clumsy duo quite a while to put on the uniform.

        “Ugh. I feel so insecure wearing this dress. My butt is constantly feeling the cold breeze…”

        While Diamond was whining about the dress, he suddenly widened his eyes like he had thought about something.

        “Right! My sister’s reminder!”

        Diamond loosened his hair tie, letting his hair spread on his shoulders. The way he looked right now actually resembled the vibe of a delicate refined girl.


        Touching his chest, Onyx’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Diamond in girl’s uniform.

        “I-Is this...falling in love? No no no. Why would I have this feeling with Diamond? He’s my best pal, and he’s a guy!”

        “Hey, what’s wrong with you?” Diamond leaned close to Onyx, startling him to step back.

        “Why are you acting so scared...Do I look weird in dress?” Diamond was dejected by Onyx’s reaction.

        “Absolutely not! You’re perfect in dress,” Onyx made himself clear immediately.

        “For real? But why are you acting weird,” Diamond asked with his arms crossed.

        “Umm...I-I might catch a cold during shower...Haha…” Onyx fooled Diamond with fake laughter, and he definitely would not tell the truth.

        “Right. That feeling was just an illusion!” Onyx tried to convince himself, but Diamond’s girly look had already imprinted into his mind...

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