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        “Lisa has been in there for a week!”

        “Relax. She will fix Pinocchio!”

        Fear and uneasiness reflected in Lisa’s wide eyes. The machine screeched its alarm, telling her to leave. Lisa could not understand why Pinocchio stayed unanimated even though she had built it in the way she did before. She clenched her fingers, breaking the tool in her hand. Since the day she had personally killed her parents, it was the first time she had felt such anger. Lisa cried and shouted in a state of mania.


        “Wake up! Pinocchio, wake up!”

        “Wake up...please...”

        Outside the laboratory, Agnesi and Gretchen shook their head as they heard their good friend’s heartbreaking cry. Agnesi, the more impulsive of the two, pushed the door and charged into the room. She grabbed Lisa by her collar...

        “The Lisa I knew isn’t a worthless wretch. Get on your feet!”

        Agnesi dragged Lisa out of the laboratory. Gretchen worriedly looked at Lisa before leaving with the two. However, around the corner in the corridor, there was a figure leaning against the wall, muttering, “This shall be my amends...” The man walked into the laboratory. He picked up tools and started working on Pinocchio...

        When Lisa returned to the laboratory, she could not find Pinocchio. Lisa searched in panic until she heard:

        “Well done, Pinocchio. You can go back...”

        Not waiting for the person to finish talking, Lisa dashed towards the source of the sound. Pinocchio was crawling on the ground, delighting Lisa. Yet, she also saw the two giant cannons installed on its waist. Lisa held Pinocchio in her arms but her fingers pointed accusingly at the man:

        “Midgley, what have you done with Pinocchio? What are these?”

        “It’s one of my students’ research. Why don’t you try channeling your Ancient Dragon Power?”

        Since Midgley’s visit, they knew that Midgley had changed. He was still a mad scholar but one who had seen through himself. His behavior would not violate moral rules. Lisa understood that the Midgley of today would not do her harm, so she tried channeling her Ancient Dragon Power into Pinocchio. It suddenly broke into pieces. Lisa felt her body weighing while parts of Pinocchio attached to her body. Looking at Pinocchio and herself merging together, Lisa cried tears of joy...