First introduced in 13.4, certain monsters have in-game voices available to them, all saying a specific phrase in different languages. The list is ordered by Index Number.

List of Characters with In-game VoicesEdit

  • Note 1: Taiwanese language (Min Nan) transliteration is done by hand since no automatic Taiwanese transliteration is available online. Below is a transliteration according to Taiwanese dictionary. Actual pronunciation may vary depending on dialects. For accurate pronunciation, consult a professional.
    Additionally, if the translation is in Italics, it means the words are in a figure of speech or translated in heavily simplified words. The origin and implications of the phrases may be out of scope for this page.
  • Note 2: In Taiwanese (Min Nan), some words have additional suffixes after or between words that don't connote meaning. Therefore, these words are often omitted when written in Chinese text.
  • Note 3: The given translations are fan English translations according to this source ([1]). In ToS, the in-game translation is Assailing Ninjutsu of Hornet.
Card Dialogue Text Transliteration Literal Meaning Language
Tower Residents. They say a specific phrase in Mandarin Chinese.
1500 1500i Summer 神魔之塔好好玩 Shén mó zhī tǎ hǎo hǎo wán Tower of Saviors is so much fun Chinese
1524 1524i Diabolical Summer 對不起哦 Duìbùqǐ ó Sorry.
In-universe joke of Summer often apologizing on Facebook.
EPILI series say their Active Skill's name in Taiwanese (Min Nan).
1506 1506i Su Huan Jen 天問三誓 thian-būn-sann-sè Heaven Query Three Oaths*
Ingame: Three Oaths to the Sky
(Min Nan language)
1507 1507i Mo Wang Zi 蛾龍天劫 iàh-liông-thian-kiap Moth Dragon Sky Plunder
Ingame: The Doom-bringing Moth-Dragon
(Min Nan language)
1508 1508i Jian Zhi Chu 十劍擎天傲臨風 si̍p-kiàm-khîng-thian-ngōo-lím-hong Ten Swords of the Rising Sky proudly facing the Wind
Ingame: Ten Sky-rising Swords
(Min Nan language)
1509 1509i Yi Yeh Shu 笑盡英雄(仔)** siàu-tsīn-ing-hiông(-á) Laugh 'till the End, Heroes
Ingame: Over the Heroes
(Min Nan language)
1510 1510i Ye Shiao Chai (天劍三絕) Mute, does not talk Three "Skills" (Absolutes) of the Skysword (Tianjian)
Ingame: Mastery of the Skysword
(Min Nan language)
1511 1511i Ji Wu Wang 太初一擊 thài-tshoo-it-kik A strike of Taichoo (Primitiveness, a Tao saying)
Ingame: Strike of Primitive Force
(Min Nan language)
1512 1512i Au Shiau Hung Chen 紅塵一步終 hông-tîn-it-pōo-tsiong Red Dusts end in One Step
Ingame: End of Earthly Desires
(Min Nan language)
1513 1513i Feng Chih Hen 魔流劍風之痕 môo-liû-kiàm-hong-tsi-hûn Muo Lio Sword of Feng Chih Hen (More literally: Demon Flow Sword, Scar of Wind)
Ingame: Swordmaster of Contrary Forces
(Min Nan language)
1514 1514i Jian Tzu Shian Ji 仙影飄跡 sian-iánn-phiau-jiah Shades of the Celestial Fluttering Away
Ingame: The Sword of Invincibility
(Min Nan language)
1515 1515i Shu Lou Lung Shou 紫龍捲怒濤 tsí-lóng-kńg-nōo-tô Purple Hurricane (Dragon) in Furious Rage
Ingame: Billows of the Soaring Dragon
(Min Nan language)
1516 1516i Fo Jian Fen Shuo 萬諦一滅 bān-tè-tsi̍t-bia̍t Tens of Thousands of "Satya (truth), Full Demolition",
Ingame: Satya of Suffering Cessation
(Min Nan language)
1517 1517i Tian Tse Jen Long 天龍泣 thian-liông-khì Heavenly Dragon's Tears
Ingame: Tears of the Dragon
(Min Nan language)
1518 1518i Qi Tian Di 神之滅 sîn-tsi-bia̍t Destruction by God
Ingame: The God of Destruction
(Min Nan language)
1519 1519i Yao Hou 祅政之火 iau-tsiann-tsi-hué
Pronunciation derived from the Chinese Words 妖精 (Fairy) instead
Fire of Iau-tsiann
(Note: 祅政 is a type of stage weapon used when performing Glove Puppetry [2])

Ingame: Blaze of the Elfish Blade
(Min Nan language)
1520 1520i Tsang 怒海蒼流 nōo-hái-tshong-liû Raging Sea, Flow of Tsang (pale like greyish-white or bright as sky)
Ingame: Flow of Light in Raging Sea
(Min Nan language)
Starburst. All characters say their Active Skill's name in English.
1537 1537i Sultry Fragrance - Andromeda Shade of Shooting Stars English
1541 1541i Twisted Fate - Ophiuchus Shadows of Snake Spirits English
1545 1545i Fatal Hunter - Lynx Drops of Daybreak Dew English
1552 1552i Undying Escorter Hercules Blast of Striking Ice English
1553 1553i Significance of Life - Orion Clouds of Rising Ashes English
1554 1554i Locution of Faith - Lepus Stream of Sweeping Darkness English
King of Fighters. All characters speak their signature phrases in Japanese.
1571 1571i The Rising Dragonic Fist - Sie Kensou 肉まんやぁ Nikuman'ya! Meat buns!
Quote from KOF '97
1572 1572i Scion of the Flame - Kyo Kusanagi 1:草薙のこぶしを! Kusanagi no kobushi wo! The fists of the Kusanagi! (KOF '96) Japanese
2:食らいやがれ! Kurai yagare! Chew on this!/Eat this! (KOF '97) Japanese
1573 1573i Kim the King of Taekwondo あたたた・・あたぁ Atatata...Ataa! (Kicking cry) Japanese
1574 1574i Ferocious Raikouken - Benimaru Nikaido 雷光拳! Raikouken! Thunder Light Punch! Japanese
1575 1575i Crescent of Tainted Flame - Iori Yagami 1:楽には死ねんぞ! Rakuni wa shinen zo! You won't die that easily! Japanese
2:遊びは終わりだ! Asobi wa owari da! Play time's over! Japanese
1576 1576i Inheritor of Ninjutsu - Mai Shiranui 1:必殺忍蜂 (ひさっつ しのび ばち) Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi Lethal Swarm of the Unseen Assassins*3 Japanese
2:超必殺忍蜂 (ちょう ひさっつ しのび ばち) Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi Super Deadly Ninja Bees*3 Japanese
1577 1577i Legendary Hungry Wolf - Terry Bogard パワーゲイザー! Pawaa Geizaa! Power Geyser! Japanese (English...kind of)
1578 1578i Psychic School Girl - Athena Asamiya はぁぁぁあああああ……!行っけぇえっ! HaaaaaaAAAA...! Ikke...~! HaaaAAA! Go ~!
Note: Yells this when using her psychic skills.
1579 1579i The Will of Gaea - Orochi さぁ、無に還ろう。 Saa, mu ni kaerou. Now, let's return to nothing.
Note: "Nothing" as in Chaos.
1580 1580i Symphony of Cutter - Rugal Bernstein ハッハッハッハ~ Hahhahhahha~ ... Japanese
1581 1581i Blessing of Yata Mirror - Chizuru Kagura その力、封じます! Sono chikara, fūjimasu! I'll seal this power! Japanese
1582 1582i Chris of the Sparks of Destiny 本気出しますね♪ Honki dashimasu ne ♪ I'll show you everything I have! Japanese
1583 1583i Final Impact - Yashiro Nanakase いっちまいなぁ! Icchimai naa! Go away!
Note: Slang. As in: "I (the old man)'m here! You scram!
1584 1584i Defying Gravity - Shermie 逃げちゃダメよ。 Nigecha dame yo! You can't escape from me! Japanese
1585 1585i Leona the Silent Ikari Warrior さよなら Sayonara Goodbye. Japanese
1590 1590i Genetic Instinct of Flames - K´ 終わりにしようぜ……! Owari ni shiyou ze……! I'll end this. Japanese
1591 1591i Ice Doll of Freeze - Kula Diamond いくよ!おっきいの! Iku yo! Okkii no! Here I come...with a big one! Japanese

Untranslated text of SummerEdit

All contents below are unavailable in English Version, since many references only occur in Traditional Chinese Fan Page.

In Traditional Chinese Version, there was a brief time (only 1 week in July) when fake active and leader skills were added to Summer:

  • Active Skill: 小妹是男的 (The girl is a boy!)
    • Description: 變身成為神魔小弟,所有唱歌表演、手作工房、廢文攻略停止發佈 (效果會在關閉技能或死亡後消失)。此技能關閉時,種族將轉為女性人類
    • Translation: Transform into "ToS BOY"*; all singing performances, handworking studios, "useless" walkthroughs* will be stopped (the Skill stays in play until reactivation of the Skill or defeated*). When this skill is deactivated, its race turns into Female Human*.
      • Note 1: ToS BOY is a fictional counterpart to ToS Girl Summer (part of the theme of fans suspecting the "girl" is actually a boy pretending to be female)
      • Note 2: All of these refer to the increase of fanpage posts on Traditional Chinese Tower of Saviors Fan Page, most of which are pointless and unrelated to gameplay. The "useless" walkthroughs refer to using teams that are only obtainable by rare Seal Draws, or containing characters that are unobtainable, yet instrumental in team composition. Due to this, many players are unable to use the so-called "guides".
      • Note 3: As Water teams are in a lack of "permanent buffs" like Witches, many fans consider this to be a taunt from Madhead (the company acknowledges Water is falling behind but refuses to buff them).
      • Note 4: Female Human designation does not exist, also feeding into the theme of a fake-female Summer.
  • Leader Skill: 道歉之塔 (Tower of Apologies)
    • Description: 每當死亡時,發動一次「道歉」效果,可免除死亡一次 (效果可疊加)。疊加效果達 5 次時,必須露出胸部方可獲得召喚師原諒
    • Translation: Upon defeat (GAME OVER), activate the effect "Sorry" once to nullify defeat once (the effect can be stacked). When "Sorry" has stacked 5 times, she must show her breasts*, seeking for Summoner's forgiveness.
      • Note 5: It is somewhat common for Madhead to acknowledge errors by apologizing. The "breasts" reference started in 2006 (in the novel/film 嫌われ松子の一生, Memories of Matsuko) and were further exploited in Japanese Films. The reference went viral in PTT from 2011 onwards (PTT Bulletin Board System in Taiwan, a huge forum of various topics). Later, Madhead exploited this by showing drawings of breasts exposed from certain female characters in-game so that fans get what they want.
  • Backstory (this is very long). The text is actually a song that is part of "Tower of Saviors Music Radio" of some sorts. The translations are done so that each sentence would have a similar number of syllables to Chinese (so a sing-along is possible), so they are not exact word-to-word.

Chinese (Original text):


神魔的小妹 整天在臉書耍廢
妳說的每句 很有男生的感覺
手殘的轉珠 手指頭來來回回

狂道歉的滋味 網路上每天上演
沒露出胸部的道歉 這樣不正確

你來亂 不露臉 寫廢文的神魔小妹

裝夠了沒 你唱的歌曲根本幻覺
又說露臉 打的馬賽克厚厚一片
神魔小妹 你的貼圖請不要再亂貼

裝夠了沒 你說直播根本是幻覺
開台一天 像沒有網絡的突然斷線
好了小妹 把所有抱歉寫進貼文結尾

永恆之歉 你說每句話都像有罪
畫師也累 道歉的貼圖厚厚一疊
想也可悲 整夜都過去 天都快要亮

每一天都道歉 辛苦了這個妹妹
妳突然對我說 道歉之塔名字很美

突然一天 我發現臉書消失了誰
過年過節 小妹的廢文通通不見
怎了小妹 慢慢的我有想你的感覺

噢耶 原來你不是我的幻覺
從未相見 卻又有一種親切的感覺
轉頭一圈 原來你陪我已經超過四年

English (Translation):


The Girl 'of T.O.S. Veggin' Out on Facebook 'all day
Every phrase you've said You seem like a pretty boy
Mistakes turning runes Fingers moving back and forth
Making Walkthroughs? Oh my! Who do you think you're worth?

Madd'nin' tastes of "Sorries" On the net all day all night
Making excuses without boobs, that doesn't feel right

Foolin' 'round, face concealed Dear Summer you're writin' trash posts
You've said you can't forget the feelin' of being talk-smacked"

I've had enough Delusive are the songs that you've sung
Your face reveals... All pixelated, not what you've sworn
Dear Summer Girl Every emoticon of you makes me whine
Stop spammin' those, they're on each page of mine

I've had enough Misleading are the live streams you've made
One day on air Keeps disconnecting like no network's stayed
Alright, Summer Append apologies in your Facebook posts
Compensation is what we want from you

Stop with the begs It feels like you're guilty in your chat
Artists' burned out The pics of pleas in stack after stack
Pathetic, right? The night is over, daylight's comin' real soon
Postin' for pardon, just like a baffoon

Every day, you implore Hard work's done, thank you li'l sis
There are more ways you want me to accept your excuses
"Name's so sweet," you've just said, "the Tower of Apologies"
What blasphemy! I just want you to shut your mouth now

In just one day I noticed Summer's missing online
On holidays Her Facebook trash posts have disappeared
What's up, Summer? Slowly but surely feel like missin' you
In Tower of Saviors you're with me each day

Oh Yeah! You're real to me, I didn't fantasize
We've never met, yet you feel so familiar to my mind
Head turned around, turns out that we've hung out for more than 4 years
You're on my page, you're leavin' me in tears

Additional voices during BGMEdit

Crash Fever BGMEdit

No lyrics during Crash Fever BGM "Follow The Black Rabbit".

For Crash Fever Boss Battle "I will never let you go", the lyrics are as follows:

  • I will never let you go......never let you go~
  • I will never let you go......never let you go~


All of the dialogue here is said in Japanese during the middle of BGM, excluding system messages (Round 1, K. O., I~O~RI, etc).

Order of appearance Japanese Transliteration (romaji) English Translation
Normal Battle BGM
1 1572i あんたじゃ燃えねな。 Anta ja moene na. You're not enough to make me burn. (Note: As in "getting into the spirit (of fighting)".)
2 1572i いくぜ。 Iku ze. Let's go.
3 1577i ヘイ!カモンカモンッ! Hei! Kamon kamonn! Hey! Come on, Come on!
Boss Battle BGM
1 1575i 俺が怖いのか? Ore ga kowai no ka? Are you scared of me?
Note: This is a famous taunt of Iori's.
2 1575i どうした! Doushita! How's that?
Note: When he is using "Yamibarai".
3 1575i いくぞ! Iku zo! Let's go!
4 1575i 楽には死ねんぞ。 Rakuni wa shinen zo! You won't die that easily!
5 1575i 邪魔だ! Jama da! In my way!
Note: The original meaning of Jama is "hindrance, obstacle".
6 1575i 泣け!叫べ!そして死ねぇぇ! Nake! Sakebe! Soshite shine ~e~e! Cry! Scream! Then die~!
Note: Said when using "Forbidden Move No.1211 - 8 Virgins" in KOF.
7 1575i ははははは~ハッハッハッハ~ Hahahahaha~HAHHAHHAHHA~! Hahahahaha~HAHHAHHAHHA~!
Note: Said when victorious.
One may look at this and perceive Iori to be a maniac, but in actuality, the number one thing that infuriates him is "Extreme Violence" itself.
8 1575i このままでは終わらんぞぉおーっ! Kono ma made wa owaran zo ~oo ! It can't end like this!
Note: Said when in defeat.
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