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        A maiden lightly stepped barefoot along the vast plains in the moonlight. Behind her, a lioness followed along with two cubs. Whenever the maiden stopped, they would too...After some distance, the maiden turned and looked at them.

        “That’s enough. Stop following me anymore. You should go back,” the maiden said with a smile.

        The lioness and its cubs could not understand her. They responded by carefully nudging her with their heads.

        “You want to follow me?” The maiden asked again upon seeing the lions’ inability to understand.

        The lions seemed to understand the maiden this time, and nodded their heads. With a helpless shrug, she could only allow them to follow her.

        ‘Hopefully Teacher will allow me to adopt them,’ the maiden thought to herself.

        Inanna silently walked across the plains alone. After every class, Inanna liked to walk along the plains by herself until midnight, pondering the knowledge Anu had taught her. In the night, the lunar light was like Inanna’s mother. She felt that it took away her worries, and swept clean all that bothered her.

        “Roar! ”

        The commotion had drawn Inanna’s attention. She looked towards the shrubs in the distance and saw shadows of creatures seemingly preparing for something. She carefully approached only to find a lion about to attack a lioness and its two cubs. The lioness stood in front of the cubs, acting as aggressively as possible and roaring at the lion. Just as the lion was about to leap at the lioness, Inanna lifted her left hand, summoning a golden wall of pneuma dividing them. The lion turned to discover that it was Inanna who was getting in its way. With an enraged roar, it turned and leapt at Inanna. Yet, with a mere thought, the lion was stuck hovering. A light wave from her hand sent the lion flying. That frightened the lion into retreating. Inanna smiled at the lioness and continued her stroll on the plains. Thus, the lioness and cubs followed behind.

        The departing lion walked away in Inanna’s opposite direction toward a remote and desolate spot. The lion slowly transformed into a wisp of smoke, which then formed into a scepter. A woman appeared out of nothingness and grabbed it.

        “My daughter, those lions shall serve as the final presents from your mother...”