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        ‘My dear Inanna...Come to me, and I shall caress you...’

        ‘No! Shut up!’ In her dreams, Inanna struggled to resist the haunting of a dark shadow, but she could feel her strength draining. Scared of being consumed by the shadow one day, Inanna was too frightened to directly face it. Suddenly, she could hear Dumuzi’s voice beside her; his voice became the light in the darkness whil Inanna walked toward it. When she finally opened her eyes, the man she had been missing was beside her.

        They embraced each other, but their happiness was brief. Booms came from outside the hall, shaking the entire palace. With a lot of difficulty, Dumuzi helped Inanna get to the entrance of the hall..

        A figure slowly walked up the stairs toward them who only extended his greetings to Inanna: “It’s been a long time, my beauty. How are you doing?” “Gilgamesh! Don’t even think about laying a finger on Inanna!” Dumuzi nervously held Inanna tight in his arms.

        However, ignoring Dumuzi’s warning, Gilgamesh walked straight to Inanna. As the distance between them shortened, the dark shadow’s voice rang inside Inanna’s mind again: ‘You are mine.’ Fear surged within Inanna as she pushed Dumuzi away and fell onto the ground while screaming: “I...You...shut up! Shut up! Shut up!!!” Dumuzi wanted to help her up, but Inanna subconsciously conjured light elemental power and hurled it in all directions.

        With a hysterical mind, Inanna happened to look Gilgamesh in the eye and immediately, she heard the voice saying, ‘If you listen to me, you will no longer be in pain or frightened.’ Upon hearing that, Inanna felt herself engulfed by darkness; she could see and hear nothing.

        In complete darkness, Inanna was chained to a wall while silence descended. ‘Have I been consumed? I gave myself in.’ Inanna wanted to smile in disdain, but even that was out of her ability. Just then, she heard a vague voice calling out to her: ‘’ She recognized the voice; it was her lover’s, so she replied with a soft voice: ‘’ While uttering her lover’s name, it was as if Inanna saw the memories they shared together. When she wanted to reach out to caress his face, the view before her suddenly changed: she saw Gilgamesh knocking Dumuzi onto the floor. Although Dumuzi had a lot of chances to retaliate, he did not launch any attacks.

        ‘Why don’t you fight back? Stop! Don’t hurt him!’ Inanna called for help, but no one could hear her nor could Dumuzi receive her message. Seeing Dumuzi lying on the floor and unable to move anymore, Inanna could not help but burst into tears. Just then, a female with short pink hair appeared beside Inanna and tenderly said, ‘Go! Return to him!’

        ‘But I can’t break free from these chains...’

        ‘Believe in yourself. Overcome your fear and be courageous!’

        Blinding radiance shone from Inanna’s body which then shattered the darkness as well as the chains. She rose to her feet, but when she wanted to thank the female, she had already vanished. But her voice rang in the air: ‘Protect what you cherish! My dear daughter...’

        Inanna’s eyes finally became clear as she saw Dumuzi lying on the ground and Gilgamesh approaching him, preparing to launch a lethal attack. Inanna hurriedly conjured light elemental power and attacked Gilgamesh; he dodged the attack but was obviously shocked. He did not expect Inanna to break loose from his control. Taking advantage of Gilgamesh’s shock, Inanna seized this chance to help Dumuzi up while apologizing: “Sorry...I...” Dumuzi only shook his head in response and said: “Welcome back.” The two of them then stood on their feet together. Though they still had to face the immensely powerful Gilgamesh, Inanna was no longer afraid, because she knew no matter what happens, Dumuzi will always be there for her...