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        “No! You can’t go!” Inanna’s cry came from the study.

        “There is nothing I can do about it. The Tome of Fate can only delay the plague. Now, Namtar is our only option,” Dumuzi stated sternly.

        After Ninurta got the Tome of Fate, it had alleviated the city’s plague quite a bit. Yet, all the Tome of Fate could do was to diminish the effects of the plague; it could not pull out the problem by its roots. In the end, all they could do was search for Namtar and hope he can help.

        “Inanna, our clan and the city rests on your shoulders now.”

        A smile spread across Dumuzi’s face as he gently embraced Inanna. Drowsiness shrouded over Inanna and in the end, she fell asleep in Dumuzi’s arms. By the time Inanna woke the next morning, Dumuzi had already gone.

        “Lady Inanna, we still need your attention on these matters.” Nisaba placed a heavy stack of parchment onto the table.

        During Dumuzi’s search for Namtar, Inanna had taken over the role of temporary leader. Seeing the mountain of parchments before her, Inanna suddenly realized that Dumuzi’s job was not at all simple. Dumuzi had more responsibility, and more work, than anyone else.

        Inanna stood on the city wall, bathing in the lunar light. Two lions lightly rested by Inanna’s side; she lightly stroked their heads.

        “Alfie, Lily, do you really think he can find and bring Namtar back?”

        “Grrr,” the two lions growled, as if in answer to Inanna’s question.

        “Really? I should trust him!”

        Suddenly, the moon dimmed and the lions leapt to their feet as if facing a great enemy. A man’s charismatic voice reverberated through Inanna’s brain.


        “Who’s that?”

        ‘Human with blood of an Ancient God, I shall possess you one day...’ The man’s voice vanished as the moon returned to its normal brightness.

        Inanna kept thinking about whom the voice belonged to, and what purpose he had. Her fingers unconsciously clenched tightly.

        “Dumuzi, come back soon...”