An animal dashed back and forth in the paddy. Covered in soil, its heterochromatic eyes stood out in blue and yellow. It gripped a dead mouse with its mouth and scurried towards the forest. It stopped by a lake to enjoy its prey. After finishing the hearty meal, it dove into the lake. The soil on its fur spread into the water, unveiling its real shape—this tiny animal was a snow fox. It always remained vigilantvigilant because the royals organised massive hunts in hopes of possessing its beautiful fur and its blood that was said to grant immortality. Overexploitation had practically wiped out their entire species. This snow fox had survived the hunting. All of its friends were dead. The loneliness became its best friend had kept it alert.
        It finally found an undiscovered forest where it could bare its fur in fresh air. Its snowy fur shined under the moon. Its breathtaking beauty in the moonlight caught the eyes of other animals...When it was tired, it returned to its cave it found for some rest.
        The next morning, the snow fox was sleeping tight when rambling footsteps awakened it. It ran out of the cave and rolled on the soil to dye its fur brown. It checked every inch of its body for any white hair before tiptoeing away from the footsteps. After a while, it heard something approaching from ahead! It stuck to the ground and crawled into a bush.
        A few hunters holding bows and cages of different sizes stood near the bush. They chatted about something. The poor snow fox dared not to move a finger, fearing the slightest movement could expose its location. Thunder broke the silence of the forest. Heavy clouds gathered up above them. Splashing raindrops gave the hunters a hard time but they did not give up and put on grass hats. The snow fox's anxiety made it forget about the rain washing away the soil on its white fur. White was an eye-catching color in the forest. The hunters immediately noticed its white fur and pointed at it, sneering.! They pointed at it and sneered. It turned around and ran at a full blast. Footsteps pursued it closely. It focused all its energy in its legs without looking behind at all. It remembered there was a place perfect for hiding and steered its head towards there..
        It stopped in front of a bunch of thorns which had a gap just wide enough for it to pass through. Crawling through the gap would definitely leave scratches on its body, but the situation left it with no choice. The hunters were approaching. It quickly squeezed through the thorns. The thorns tore its skins.. It had to bear with the pain for survival. At last, it got through the thorns. It glanced behind, the hunters peeped at it through the gap but could not get through. It continued running for its life. It ran miles away from the forest until it could not hear footsteps anymore. When it relaxed in relief, a tooth trap seized its leg. It wailed in intense pain…
        The trapped leg was severely injured. Blood gushed out of the wound. It fell on its own pool of blood, tired from the excessive bleeding. Red overwrote the white of its fur. It heard footsteps again, but it could barely open its eyes. The snow fox thought its life had finally come to an end.
        The footsteps stopped next to it. The tooth trap loosened up. Warmth spread from its wound. Its body slowly recovered strength. As it opened its eyes, a girl crouched near it. Her hands were pressing on its injured leg. The warmth came from her. The girl looked at it and smiled. She said something and continued healing its wounds. It did not understand a word, but her smile relieved its anxiety. After a while, the pain was gone and its vitality was renewed.
        The white fox sprang to its feet and stared at the girl. She scattered some white paper and did some weird hand gestures, ‘Change!’ All of the tooth traps around shattered into fragments. She bent down and said, ‘Be careful next time. It was just pure luck I found you.’ The girl turned and left. The snow fox gawked at her back, ‘I-I can understand human language!’ It was astonished by its newly acquired skill…

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