The realm of Humans had entered Iron Age. Hundreds of years had passed since the Seal of Heimdallr was established. The method of entering Asgard gradually faded as a legend, and the number of descended pilgrims steadily declined. As a result, Heimdallr spent less time awake, to the extent that he thought he would never open his eyes again. This did not change until a Human who claimed to be an archaeologist arrived at Asgard with Relics of long-deceased Gods.

        Among the Relics, Tyr’s giant axe still had elemental residue which resonated with Heimdallr. Therefore, he forged the axe into a new suit of armor for himself. He hid the other Relics back in the temple before returning to sleep. But this time, he waited for those who could inherit the power in the Relics.

        Time passed. Only two brothers and a maiden were able to inherit the residual power-imbued Relics. However, the three were not the only visitors. Just as Heimdallr saw the maiden off, demonic pneuma appeared within Asgard. Heimdallr immediately dashed towards the source of the pneuma, and without saying another word, he struck the intruder a heavy blow. But the comer was not a pushover; a red figure jumped between the two and blocked Heimdallr’s attack.

        What stood in front of Heimdallr was a Human-shaped melog, the crevices between its metal and stone pieces sparkling in fiery red. At the same time, Heimdallr gathered his godly power, readying for another strike.

        “Haha! What an acute guardian! Discovering my presence so soon is quite impressive.” A Demonic Savant walked out from behind the melog. “That girl is quite gullible. I was correct to trigger a prolonged war with her country. Finally they are lured to seek Asgard.”

        Seeing the frown on Heimdallr’s face, the Demonic Savant said, arrogance palpable. “The stupid girl devoted herself to finding Asgard. She didn’t even figure out who the original owner of that boat was. But it was because of her that I arrived without much difficulty. And here I am, in Asgard, the home of Relics!” Upon finishing his sentence, the Demonic Savant headed to the entrance of the temple as the melog kept Heimdallr occupied. But the agile Heimdallr managed to conjure fire elements to block off the entrance, while he himself dashed at the melog.

        “I can make an entrance myself!” The Demonic Savant grinned eerily as he shot a fiery impulse at the temple wall. Just before impact, Heimdallr dashed towards the pulse, pulling the melog with him. The melog, thrown into the pulse, was reduced to dust upon impact, bursting into a cloud of granules in the air. When the mist finally settled, Heimdallr was nowhere to be seen.

        Assuming he had defeated Heimdallr with ease, the Demonic Savant laughed: “Idio...”

        Before he could finish his word, a blaze-formed tornado struck him, instantly dragging him into its eye, its flames incessantly burnt his body. After an uncountable number of spins, the Demonic Savant was thrown into the sea. Knocked away by the sudden attack, the Demonic Savant glanced around, but he could no longer locate Asgard, having lost the guidance.

        Heimdallr withdrew his fiery godly power. Protected by his armor, he had not been harmed. Having successfully defended his home, he firmly looked at the temple he had been guarding with his life: “I have promised myself. None shall bring destruction here again!”

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