Name Incurable Madness - Heimdallr Attribute InvFire Fire
Id No. 1337 Rarity 7★ Cost 22 Race InvGod God Series Descendants of the North
Lv Max 99 Exp
6,000,000 Max
Basic Properties HP Attack Recovery Total Sacrifice Exp Sell Value
Lv 1 14851010145 2640 Lv 1 1000 1000
Lv 99 2942 1868 330 5140 Per Lv +1200 +100
Active Skill Name Fatal Call - Fire Lv. 1
22 Lv. 15
Effect Drop rate of Heart Runestones will be transferred to that of Fire Runestones. (the Skill stays in play until reactivation of the Skill or defeated)
Leader Skill Name Howl of Blaze
Effect Fire Attack x 3.5.
Amelioration Skills
Refine1 Amelioration Skill 1:
Monster's Attack +140
Refine2 Amelioration Skill 2:
If a group of 3 or more Runestones are dissolved in the column below the Monster, Team Attack +10% for that Round (Runestones dissolved when dropping would not trigger the effect).
Refine3 Amelioration Skill 3:
Monster's HP +340
Refine4 Amelioration Skill 4:
Increase the drop rate of Fire Runestones in the column below the Monster to 40% (the effect will not override those of Active Skills).
Battle Guardian’s Battle Axe
Power Release
Origin Friend Point
No Diamond
No Others

Book Backstory:

        “It has finally come to an end…” Norvi watched Loki and Hel’s souls disappear and sighed. When she thought things had settled down as Loki’s diary vanished, an ax blocked her sight, and Heimdallr’s solemn voice sounded from behind, ‘Not everything has ended.’ He stared into her eyes. Norvi had crossed the line between human and god the moment she summoned the sinful souls and used black magic. Only gods were allowed to summon sinful souls in the North.

         ‘You overstepped the bounds of humanity! Humans should never summon sinful souls…’

        ‘I did not summon them! They chose to escort me here!’

        ‘Stop lying!’

        Heimdallr ignored Norvi’s explanation. Without hesitating, he raised his ax and slashed at Norvi! The blade was descending upon her forehead, but she could not do anything but close her eyes...However, the pain she expected did not occur even after a few seconds. Norvi opened her eyes slowly and saw several transparent shadows around her; they had blocked Heimdallr’s ax for her!

        ‘How dare you summon even more sinful souls to fight for you? Haven’t you committed enough sins?’ yelled Heimdallr furiously.

        “Without you, we wouldn’t have been cleansed from our sins in Asgard. Let us escort you to safety.” The sinful souls endured Heimdallr’s attack as they talked to Norvi.

        Norvi didn't want to die like this - she still had not atoned for her sin of killing her husband. She murmured spells to gather more sinful souls, who then all charged at Heimdallr and seized his hands; when Heimdallr struggled, intending to walk away, more sinful souls locked his legs tight. The sinful souls managed to subdue Heimdallr, Asgard’s guardian, and he could not move an inch.

        Norvi took the opportunity to draw a black magic array. Numerous dark elemental spheres appeared and launched at Heimdallr, sending up clouds of dust. Heimdallr’s head drooped. The attack barely scratched his armor, but he seemed to have fainted from the impact. Norvi dared not drop her guard, so she had the sinful souls to seize him even tighter before she approached him cautiously.

        As Norvi leaned over to take a closer look at Heimdallr’s face, Heimdallr clenched his fists. Furious flames gushed out of him and burned all of the sinful souls around him. He slumped to the floor and grabbed his ax, which was then wrapped by the blaze. As he brandished his ax, the blaze scattered, and the ax became sharper and larger.

        ‘I never imagined that I’d have to release my god power just to fight a human…’ Heimdallr whispered to himself.

        Heimdallr gathered more elemental power as he advanced towards Norvi. His raging fire burned brighter and brighter. Feeling his immense god power and murderous anger, Norvi stepped back out of fear, but he swung his ax, and a wall of fire appeared behind her. She had nowhere to go.

        ‘Sinner who led sinful souls to poison Asgard and overstepped the bounds of humanity, your sin shall be forgiven as death redeems you!' Helmdallr waved his ax in the air and thrust the tip towards Norvi's neck.; he stared into her eyes fiercely. In her eyes, he saw not fear but unfathomable sorrow and helplessness, like that of which he had witnessed when he had met Hel’s soul...

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