That day, the Inferno Savant brought Blazing Salamander back to his fiefdom. He disintegrated the golem, took out all of its parts, and studied them in detail. He found that although the golem was designed with the same basic mechanism, there was a power from the core of the golem which stopped him from his investigation. He reassembled the Salamander and turned it on with his own power. Soon, the Salamander rose. It looked at the Savant and knew this was the person that it had been seeking. As it bowed humbly before the Inferno Savant, the Savant looked at him with curiosity when he discovered the desires in its eyes...

        ‘Power...More power!’

        The Inferno Savant seemingly could comprehend Blazing Salamander’s desire. Laughing crazily, he bellowed at the Inferno Melog standing next to him, replacing the core of the Salamander with that of his melog. At first, nothing happened, but after a while, Blazing Salamander glowed in a dazzling red light, and Inferno Melog was disassembled into different parts which then flew towards the red glow. When the red light was gone, a gigantic figured appeared. It was an enormous monster with spikes surrounded by fire — four powerful claws and colossal arms. The Savant gazed shockingly at the remodeled Salamander, which had both the characteristics of the golem and the melog. He could feel that an enormous power resided within it.

        Blazing Salamander turned to the Inferno Savant all of a sudden, rendering the Savant uneasy, but the uneasiness soon became happiness as the Salamander bowed humbly before him.

        As the most loyal guardian of all, Blazing Salamander’s fidelity was not dedicated to Enochian Tower, but rather, its master. Now, the man before him had given him an opportunity to live a stronger life, so it would be loyal to that person. This homage would not change until it was given a stronger power by others. When the Inferno Savant looked at the humble Salamander and excitedly instructed it to perform a few actions, the Salamander obeyed and executed his orders without question. The Savant immediately thought he had created the most perfect weapon in the world, and all the Salamander needed was a new name, to serve as the first step of its new life.
        “I shall name you ‘Inferno Combatant’!”

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