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        Two fire-red figures were battling each other unstoppingly, clanging echoed in the room as their weapons clashed. After numerous rounds of battle, the two ceased fighting with a cry of “stop.” The Inferno Savant looked at the melog before him. He was satisfied. After the conquest of Enochian Tower, the Savant reckoned the design of golems as an appropriate prototype for the development of new weapons; no matter what the result would be, the new invention would be useful to the Demons. After numerous amendments, the Inferno Savant had finally created a melog, which was invented based on the same mechanism which drove the golems.

        The Savant battled the melog time after time and recorded the battles to improve the design. He had spent a lot of time adjusting his creation. Once, after adjusting the design, the Savant realized that although he was satisfied with the melog, the melog needed more real battle experience; if it just battled with the Savant himself, it would be impossible for the melog to improve as it had familiarized itself with his attack pattern. While he was looking for a solution, The Inferno Savant realized that the four other Demonic Savants were also conducting researches to invent new weapons, maybe their creations would give him good data...

        “Haha! Very good!”

        “All you need now is a name.”

        Looking at the crazily laughing Frost Savant, The Inferno Savant’s eyes glistered with avarice. The weapon the Frost Savant created based on a mechanism similar to that of his melog, and it was also called melog. The Inferno Savant smiled as he thought the ice-blue melog could be a good testbed for his. As he ordered, Inferno Melog charged at Frosty Melog and he kept recording the battle data. After a few rounds, the two melogs stopped.

        “Brother Inferno, your melog is good!”

        “Thank you for providing me with useful data.”

        “Haha! We’re both working for our clan, and you helped me test out my melog. It’s me who should thank you!”

        “Then I shall take my leave!”

        The Inferno Savant left with his Inferno Melog. At his own fiefdom, he studied the record again and again, and discovered something special. Maybe the key to unleashing all the potential of his melog was the golems at Enochian Tower. He remembered the golem that had received a bit of his power. Before considering the consequences, he tried to feel where it was. After a smile, he walked into a magical portal with his melog.