Sean grew up in a group of seasoned mercenaries. He was raised by a brutal warrior. “Take the long view!” - This is the motto of Sean’s father, especially when he had lost everything gambling or when he sobered up. As a swordsman, Sean’s father taught his son that one had to learn to control oneself in order to survive; acting too hastily could be costly and Sean was one of the responsibilities which came to him after acting hastily. If he had not accepted the title of “Battalion Stud” with little persuasion from his friends, the captain would not have made him take care of the abandoned child of a prostitute. Sean had never taken his father’s words seriously though. He respected his father for his bravery and had never reckoned his father a reckless man.

        At the very beginning, his father was pleased to take care of him and the little child brought his father various kinds of benefits from their comrades. But as Sean grew up, troubles came one after another. In order to get rid of Sean as soon as possible, his father had taught him the art of swordplay from a young age, which molded him into an independent swordsman.

        Being the youngest swordsman among the mercenaries, Sean was praised as he never lost a duel. But, the pride in his skills brought him arrogance. There happened a fight in which Sean’s father was killed by a blood-thirsty demon, and the sword that Sean had been so proud of failed to protect the one he loved due to his recklessness, leading to terrible injuries and the sacrifice of many of his comrades. Since then, his soul was filled with hatred, Sean started searching every battlefield for the pair of fiery red eyes which belonged to the Demon and he studied the power of Fire in order to avenge his father. On the battlefield, Sean entitled himself “Inferno Swordsman” and he often lost his temper. He became so obsessed with killing that no one dared to approach him. Only the young Earl gave shelter to Sean in his own house. In their journey, Sean recalled his poor father’s words and now he saw that he was so possessed by searching for the killer that he had overlooked that it was, in reality, the war itself that was killing people.

        In the team, Sean still focused on looking for his enemy, but more than that he started giving more attention to his fellow soldiers. With the help of his sorceress companion, Sean acquired the power of Dragon Fire. But he did not use his new power for revenge. Instead, he stood in line with his companions, swinging his sword in order to put an end to the war.

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