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        A warrior in Emerald Armor was piling up rock with strenuous efforts. He was no longer young; his vigour had crept away in the way time had elapsed. However, he was still loyal to the mission entrusted to him by the Armor, and had been rebuilding the ruins with all his efforts everyday. His disciple, who was assisting him by his side, finally raised his question.

        “Sir, is this meaningful?”

        “Why are you asking?”

        “There are so many ruins in the world, yet we are bound to die. It is impossible for us to rebuild them all! In this chaotic realm, even if we rebuild the ruins today, there’s no guarantee that it won’t be destroyed once again!”

        “The fated birth and death are exactly the reasons why our will has to be inherited. Just like how I have been teaching you with what I know, you will teach your successor with all these. Yes there is no guarantee that the ruins would not be prone to destructions put forward by wars again, but it’s all the repair and protection we have been doing that makes people aware of their presence. That’s how the past and the present are connected.”

        “I just don’t get the meaning within...”

        Time flew, and the young disciple had now inherited everything from his mentor. He had still been protecting the knowledge passed down from the past, yet his heart was overflowed with questions.

        One day, he sat at a corner of the ruins, taking a rest as usual. Suddenly, he heard noises and clangs of metals from outside. The teenager could not help but sighed, for the war was never concluded, the places he repaired on the day may be once again destroyed on the next... Even though he knew what may happen, he grabbed his bow and headed to the source of the noises.

        Kneeling on a tree, he was observing the development of the battle. As long as the ruins were not damaged, he was not going to interfere. The teenager watched the battle between Humans and Gnomes. They were killing each other. Only hatred could be seen in their eyes, and they were disdained to look at the ruins nearby, as well as the knowledge inside. The war then gradually spread to the ruins, and the teenager was forced to nock a few arrows and draw his bow. As he released the arrows, the Gnomes and Humans moving to the ruins were shot.

        The teenager understood that as long as there were still wars, the repair of ruins would be an endless process. If no creature was interested in getting to know the past, all the ruins and knowledge preserved would be made known to no one.

        “The wisdom of ancestors and the dilapidated ruins would fade away as time flies. There is no such thing as ‘eternity’.” — Inheritance - Paladin King of Earth