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        On the day when the fox became part of him, the Paladin King of Fire made a vow that he would never return to this merciless country. He traveled around the world to alleviate his sorrow. On his journey, he even had a disciple, whom he taught with all he knew, so he could relieve his sadness. Under his instruction, his disciple had already been recognized by all the previous owners of the Scarlet Armor.

        That night, the Paladin King of Fire, who was holding his nine tails in his arms, murmured to himself.

        “I will kill that concubine and exact revenge for you...”

        “Do you know? Today, I have destroyed another city of that muddle-headed king and his concubine...”

        “Can you please say something...”

        “I miss you so much...”

        ‘Don’t cry. I will stay beside you, always.’

        The face of the charming beauty bloomed with a delightful smile that it seemed so real. With his trembling hands, the Paladin stretched out his hand towards the illusion. When he touched the illusion, it transformed into fierce blaze and surrounded him. All that left in the dark was the vermilion flames. His mocking laughter reverberated in the air...

        “Ahh! It’s hot! Get away fro — ”

        The wailing guard could never finish his sentence. The beastly eyes gazed at the swamping guards. In the scorching air, what the guards could feel was only the absolute coldness in the eyes.

        “Be quick! Don’t let him get to the main palace!” The captain yelled.

        The captain’s cry drew the guards together to attack the Paladin. However, the scarlet figure kept moving forward with his giant axe dragged behind him. As he stepped onto the stairs leading to the palace, the nine burning tails waving in the air knocked off every weapon striking him, while all the guards who approached were burnt to ashes.

        “Stop him! Stop him!”

        The king screamed in panic, while the Princess Consort sitting beside him was looking at him with dullness. Some timid officials cowered in a corner of the palace, while the generals unsheathed their swords and stayed beside their king and princess, protecting them. The Paladin silently gazed at the Princess Consort, who had the alluring appearance he had been missing so much; yet, she was not the lover he had been longing for.

        “What must be, must be!”

        The Princess Consort stood up in an undisturbed manner and smiled seductively. The Paladin raised his huge axe and leapt. The sweltering aura of the axe tore the air, as well as the Princess Consort — she was chopped into two.

        “Ahhh —!”

        In a growl, the Paladin became a shower of sparks.

        The Princess Consort died that year, and the Paladin King of Fire never revealed himself since then.

        On a mountain in the vicinity of the palace, a man in yellow robe with a large bamboo scroll on his back slightly shook his head.

        “What’s done is done, but the show must go on. May the manifested double resolve his resentment.”

        “A single spark can start a prairie fire. My hatred, ignited, can destroy the welkin.” — Inheritance - Paladin King of Fire