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        As he defeated the Paladin King of Darkness, the Paladin King of Light slowly collapsed. His consciousness and sight began to blur; he vaguely saw the maiden running to him from the remnant of the village.

        “Albion! Hang in there!”

        Eyes closed, the Paladin could still feel the maiden’s tears dripping onto his face. ‘How can I make her cry...’

        “No worries... I’m fine... I’m just... a bit tired...”

        The maiden tried her best to smile. “I’ll get you some water!” She trotted away as she said. Albion could not tell whether he was really tired, or had been worn out by the wounds; his eyelids began to feel heavy.

        All of a sudden, a scream woke him up from his dreams. He hurriedly opened his eyes. He heard the maiden’s cry for help.

        “Go away!”

        “You’re quite cute, aren’t you?”

        “Let me go!”

        “Let go of her...” The Paladin was panting for breath as he ordered.

        “Boss, isn’t he the guy who killed Don?”

        “Ha! It seems you’re not so lucky today! Guys, get him!”

        Albion would like to fight back with his lance; yet, when the plundering werewolves leapt at him, he was already exhausted, and could only be beaten down onto the ground. The werewolves yanked his plackart off in hope of torturing him. Albion could hear the maiden’s cry for help, but he was just too weak to fight back...

        “Stand up! Don’t you always want to save as many people as you can, and be awarded the Emblem of Glory?”

        The maiden’s words triggered his memory. ‘The origin of one’s strength is one’s heart. Grim determination to protect others would fortify you.’

        Suddenly, all werewolves stopped, overwhelmed by what they saw — the spirits of the deceased villagers were impelled by Albion’s iron will, which led to changes on his Armor. The fragments of the plackart gathered and formed into four gigantic hands at his back, while the crushed pauldron were rebuilt into two round shields.

        Shocked by what they had just seen, the chief of the werewolves dragged the maiden with him as he fled, but in a split second, his body was pierced by the lance thrown by one of the gigantic hands. The remaining werewolves bolted upon seeing their chief was being killed. Albion, who was actually exhausted, fell into the arms of the maiden running to him right after the werewolves had vanished...

        “Glory comes from protecting others while honor derives from their gratitude. I must become stronger to protect more of them.” — Inheritance - Paladin King of Light