Simon was dragged to a ruin by a gang of werewolves. The ruin had long been deserted and thus, had become the base of the werewolves. Yet, for some unknown reason, Simon seemed not unfrightened by the imminent danger at all. Instead, he was smiling.

        “Darn kid! How dare you throw stones at us?” Werewolves forced Simon to kneel, and raised their weapons towards him. Just as they were about to hack him apart, a man dashed out from the forest. It was the Paladin King of Light. He skillfully knocked away the werewolves’ weapons with his spear and hit them using the pole end. The werewolves knew that they were no match of the Paladin King of Light, so they ran away hastily. The Paladin King of Light untied Simon and left the ruin without looking back. Simon followed him excitedly...

        “I knew you would come! You defeated them so easily; you are so great!”

        “Did you notice my skills and agility? I am very suitable to succeed you!” Since the Paladin King of Light rescued him for the first time, Simon had long been determined to be his successor. In order to gain the Paladin King’s recognition, Simon tried to expel the werewolves for the villagers and challenged the gnomes to save the weak. But he did not realize that every time, he actually needed the Paladin King to rescue him instead.

        The Paladin King halted his steps and said coldly, “I have rescued you for the last time. Stop creating trouble and stop following me! You are not qualified to be my successor.”

        The Paladin King’s words left Simon startled. Looking at the departing Paladin King, he shouted resentfully, “I’m sure you will regret this in the future! When the time comes, don’t come back to find me!” Simon punched the wall hard, accidentally activating a mechanism of the ruin. Before he could react, he was brought into a secret chamber along with the revolving wall.

        In the secret chamber laid a suit of glittering armor. It had been hidden there for centuries; yet, it was still glittering and flawless, without any trace left by time. Deeply attracted by the armor, he walked towards it as if he had lost his mind. He just thought: if he possessed the armor, he could surpass the Paladin King of Light. He stretched his hands towards the armor...

        A dazzling light shone from the ruin. “Bang!” An explosion tore a hole in it. Simon, who was wearing the armor, slowly walked out of the ruin. His body was inundated with power, emitting a sense of formidability. He pointed his weapon towards the blue sky and swore an oath, “I shall surpass the Paladin King of Light; everyone will honor me as a great hero!”

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