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        “I’ll be fine! Run!”

        To alleviate the warrior’s burden, the maiden secreted herself inside ruins. There she found only an armor in blue with a giant shield and a sword. Covered with dust, they may have been left here for a long time. The maiden bore a grudge against her incompetence and was fed up with her feebleness. She no longer wanted to be the one to be protected...

        Her determination urged her to fit herself into the armor and pick up the shield and sword in her hand, though with difficulty. When she was about to step out of the ruins, the weight on her was so heavy that she collapsed onto the ground. Resentfully kneeling, she shed tears: “I don’t want to be his burden anymore... Why can’t I just do something that contributes...”

        A stream of water suddenly flowed out from underground and slowly took the shape of a lady. She stretched out her hand to help the maiden up...

        ‘Do not give up that easily if you would like to be strong. Stand up. I will help you.’

        “These are too heavy for me...”

        The lady held the maiden’s hand firmly and guided her...

        ‘Shape your armor with water. Forge your sword with your will. Mold your shield with your heart.’ As the maiden began to meditate upon the lady’s words, water spurted from all around and surrounded her.

        “I want to be stronger!”

        The warrior, busy with the enemy in front of him, was raided by a gnome at his back. Just as he was about to be slashed, the maiden landed on the ground with her gigantic shield, defending him from the attack.

        “Albion! Are you alright?”

        “Grace...? What happened? The armor...?”

        “I found it in ruins. I can feel the power circulating within me when I’m wearing it. I can finally fight together with you.”

        The maiden turned to the warrior, gazed into his eyes and said determinedly, “While you are protecting the others, I will be the one protecting you!”

        The warrior was stunned by the maiden’s words; he never knew that she hated to be someone that could only seek protection from others. And so he smiled — he had never expected that someday, he would be the one to be protected.

        “Then, please watch my back.”

        Turning their backs against each other, they stared at those gnomes encircling them. The maiden suddenly found the lady she saw in the ruins standing beside her. The lady held the giant shield for the maiden and said, ‘I will fight together with you, until you have learned everything I know.’ With their fingers interlocked, the maiden wielded her sword and fought by manipulating water elements under the lady’s instruction...

        “Water is shapeless. Depending on your will, it can become gentle water, mystic fog, or solid ice.” — Inheritance - Paladin Queen of Water