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        From the time she received the diary, Norvi's desire to die had been weakened. She had once allowed her mind to go blank as she held a broken sword in her hand. Even after darkness descended, she was still not able to put it through her body. As fatigue grew, hunger would take control of her. She hunted tiny animals in the ancient battlefield with magic. Tears dropped as she nibbled at the cooked crows and rats. She no longer had the courage to commit suicide.

        Norvi had tried to discard the diary, or tear up the pages; yet, it always came back to her after a night’s sleep. She suspected the evil souls had changed the diary’s nature, endowing it with power as the agglomerate of some sort of magic.

        Both evil souls and demonic beasts feared the power on her and dared not approach. Norvi spent a few days journeying out of the battlefield. However, before she could get onto the road leading out, she was blocked by a group of bandits. Norvi was too weak to resist; thus, the bandits tore off her prisoner’s outfit and insulted her with demeaning language. This provoked her, and rage soon took over. Before she realized what she was doing, the bandits were all killed.

        ‘No... I... I could not have done this...’ The thought horrified Norvi. Reaching for her necklace, she realized it was gone. Perhaps it had been lost in the slaughter when she had lost control. Norvi tried looking for it by various means but it was all to no avail. Losing the only thing that connected her with her past, she crumbled to the ground. She stared at the ancient diary laying by her side, the evil power was still attached to her like a chain.

        ‘Why? Why wouldn’t you let me go?’

        Hatred arose in Norvi. She summoned magic to attack the diary, and the dark elements tore it into pieces. But Norvi knew it would return to her sooner or later. The diary would continue haunting her like a curse.

        Norvi put on a bandit's outfit, and continued her way to the road leading out of the battlefield, while studying the ancient diary.

        ‘There is no complete kindness or evil. None would do only evil, and none would only have sufferings...’

        She had not anticipated that the diary had actually been written by the evil God, Loki to record the tragedies of his life. In the text was magic left behind by Loki, who had used the diary as a spellbook in his state of near-insanity. At the end of the diary, it also recorded the incident that his only family had gone missing. Loki must had left the diary behind while he was panic and busy searching for his family.

        The evil power left on the diary had attracted the souls of the deceased, which amassed at its location. Norvi, who wanted to commit suicide had triggered the evil God’s power. Hence, the power Loki left on the diary had bound to her.

        ‘The power left behind by the evil God... I will get you out of my body!’

        To get rid of the power attached to her, Norvi roamed throughout the realm. The ancient memories in the diary led her to Asgard. She was getting closer the homeland of Loki...