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        Having discovered that Ali Baba was captured by Cullinan the rich, the cats prepared to infiltrate into his mansion. But 3 of them, the triplets, steal their move.

        “Pfff. It’s always that few cats dominate the show. We can’t even show our talents. Now it’s a good chance to prove us to them, isn’t it,” asked Biggie. Clearly no one listened as Twinkle the younger sister was wagging her tail with a stupid face and Tristan the youngest brother was rubbing Twinkle’s butt, completely spacing out.

        “Argh! You two are disappointing! Did you study the map I copied from Tim?” Biggie asked with disdain.

        “They’re all numbers that only he can decipher!” Twinkle took out the map that she had almost bitten to pieces.

        “Forget about the map. Let’s hop on that carriage.”

        Tristan said as he pointed his paw at the moving cart, loaded with crates. Each marked a golden gem with the letter “C” in the middle, which looked exactly the same as that of the map. This symbol was the emblem of Cullinan’s Family.

        Whoosh! The triplets jumped to the carriage.

        “So the goods are shipping to Cullinan’s mansion, smart little brother —— Shush!” While Biggie was hugging and rubbing Tristan, the carriage braked to a stop suddenly. On full alert, they hid inside a crate filled with gems.

        Then, there seemed to be some movement outside. The triplets could feel that they were being carried to another place. Meanwhile, a voice whispered, “Cullinan bathes with gems, what a weirdo…”

        “Hey, stop talking! Get your butt moving right now! That man stinks. Just deliver the box an leave!”

        “Huh? This box is strangely heavier…”

        “I’m not heavy——Mmmm!” Twinkle was going to complain, but Biggie immediately shut her mouth.

        The movement finally stopped after a while. Biggie released Twinkle, gently opened the lid and peeped through the gap.She found themselves in a spacious bathroom. Then, she signalled her sister and brother to come out, walking quietly on tiptoe to the corner.

        The bathroom was inlaid with different iridescent gems. Not only on the wall and the floor, but even the toilet was glamorous. Those valuables almost made Biggie drool, “They’re gorgeous...Wait! We’re here to rescue Ali Baba——Twinkle, what are you doing!?” Biggie tried her best to suppress the inner desire, but she noticed that Twinkle was digging into the crate and putting those gems into a sack one by one.

        “These goodies are for Cullinan, so they must be either rare or priceless. To be honest, I’m gonna hate myself if I don’t bring some home.” Twinkle sped up her move but she didn’t aware of coming footsteps.

        Cullinan came into the bathroom and stripped off his clothes. The air filled with an noxious body odor. Biggie, hiding behind him, cued Twinkle to stay in the crate. However, she instantly regretted the decision…

        Cullinan poured water into the crate, grab a soap and began to rub his feet. Next, he walked into it, gently stirring the gems with a relaxed expression.

        Twinkle felt extremely uncomfortable hiding inside. The water was mixed with soap and the revoting odor of his feet. The smell hit her right in the face and eventually, Twinkle fainted an floated to the surface.

        “Em? What is this fluffy thingy?” Cullinan picked her up as if she was a piece of cloth.

        “Oh no!! Tristan, strike mode!” Biggie took a pot, rode on her brother and slided to him like a knight at full gallop.

        But who could expect that Tristan would step on the soap on the floor and slip. Both cats hit the bathtub hard and fell down on the floor. Feeling dizzy, a shadow came into their sight——Cullinan!

        He grabbed the triplets with both hands and scan them over and over, as if he had found a precious treasure. “Your eyes are beautiful…,” Cullinan was amazed.