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        Zhuge Liang carefully peeked at them. As they walked deeper into the library, she felt more and more scared. Suddenly they jerked their heads at the shelf she was hiding behind. She crouched down in panic and murmured, ‘Wha-what should I do? Oh, no!’ The magic phrase turned her into a smart girl. She flicked her hair and said, ‘Yet more trouble.’ She stared at them with a poker face. They searched from one shelf to another. Sometimes they paused at books with interesting titles and continued searching, probably for her, around the library.
        ‘I knew this day would come.’ Zhuge Liang smiled. She walked to the shelf in the middle of the library. That shelf had a button on it. She grinned and pushed the button. The mechanism hidden by her initiated!
        The shelves moved by themselves and transformed into a giant maze. It happened too fast for the three of them to react, and they became trapped inside. Zhuge Liang was trapped too, but she was the one who designed this maze. She had the complete blueprint in her head, so she just sat comfortably and waited for the transformation to finish. She had no way to know about those people’s situation, but she was confident no one could possibly solve her maze. The shelves finally stopped. She stretched her limbs, and walked towards the room at the end of the maze.
        A few moments later, she reached the room, where food was stored inside, enough for a couple of days. She sat at the desk and grabbed an unfinished book, preparing to finish it before the maze disappeared. ‘This will add to her collection.’ She smiled, and focused on writing. Knock-knock. Someone knocked the door, but she did not bother. Her pen danced as she wrote. Bang! The boy pushed the book away, but she did not bat an eyelid.
        ’This, arrogant piece of…!’ The boy walked to her furiously but was stopped by the man. ‘Zhang Fei! Don’t do that!’ Zhang Fei tut-tutted and stepped back. “How did y’all find your way out of the maze?” asked Zhuge Liang. The man pulled a book from his sleeve, ‘We got hints.’ She glanced at the book, which was also written by her, about the art of war. Her other self probably left it in the forest. The man stepped to her and handed the book to Zhuge Liang, ‘I apologize for our lack of manners. I would like to thank you and return this book to you,’ Zhuge Liang grabbed the book, ‘The author of the book is a genius. Where did you find it?”
        ’I wrote it,’ Zhuge Liang checked the book thoroughly and said, ‘Not only this one. All of the books here are my works.’ ‘Incredible…’ praised the girl.
        The man looked around and wondered, ‘I’m curious about one thing. You reacted quite differently the first time we met, like, nervously...And this room is decorated with the furniture of two different styles...How is that exactly? Do you have a twin?’ Zhuge Liang stopped her pen. Although the man had not figured the truth, he guessed she had another self with a completely different personality. She turned the corners of her mouth up, thinking the man was more interesting than expected.
        ’Sharp.’ Zhuge Liang closed the book and stood up.
        ’I'm not knowledgeable like you,’ said the man politely, ‘My name is Liu Bei, the leader of the rebellion against Cao Cao.’ They both smiled and bowed to each other. She had the wisdom he needed; he could provide the fun she desired, so Zhuge Liang did not waste time to accepting his invitation to join them.
        She locked the door of the secret library and left with Liu Bei with excitement she had never felt before. This was her first step to a new life...