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        It has been several years since the war with Gilgamesh ended. The war-torn capital city had also been reconstructed and fortified. The people enjoyed peaceful days happily along with the thriving country.

        Atrahasis seized this valuable time to study various knowledge. Even if he could not completely make up for the treasures recorded in the Tome of Fate washed away by water, he realized that the knowledge discovered by his own ability was easier to apply effectively.

        The fall came. Dumuzi was away for the time being. Therefore Atrahasis was entrusted to take up the acting role for the national affairs.

        It was the season of harvest. Atrahasis went out of the city to inspect the harvesting conditions of the farming. It was comforting to see that farmers have been able to make good use of the horse-shaped armor to greatly speed up the harvest and transportation.

        Although the horse-shaped armor was specially designed for war, with the wit it could also contribute to the welfare of civilians.

        Something suddenly flashed across Atrahasis’s mind. How about that double-stringed bow?

        After his meticulous transformation, the double-stringed bow was able to achieve a faster arrow speed. When combined with an elemental arrow, it could deal more powerful damage, which was considered to be an advantage on the battlefield.

        However, when it was at peace, could the bow be put into good use?

        The double-stringed bow was expensive and not small in size. It would be a pity if it was only kept in a warehouse worthlessly. However, you could not start a war just for the use of the weapon? Was there a way to find other uses?

        “Ahhh! It’s on fire!”

        Hearing the horrified cry, Atrahasis turned around and saw that a raging fire ignited over a nearby mountain. The flames seemed to burn even the sky; the smoke was so dense that it could even be smelt by him as far as on the walls of the city.

        The weather was dry. Given a lot of withered leaves and branches on the mountain, it only took a small spark to cause wildfires. Atrahasis has always reminded the people to be careful, try not to light up fire on the mountain, and the campfire must be completely put out before leaving. Nevertheless, it was still inevitable that some people might have caused this disaster accidentally.

        Atrahasis found it unsettling that the wildfire spread very quickly, immediately burning down to the bottom of the hill. At the foot, there were whole fields of farmland, a large number of crops being harvested, not to mention countless farmers.

        His first thought was to use elemental shields to transform the water element to put out the fire. The problem was that the number of shields was not enough, and it was too late to deliver before the fire reached the village.

        Unless with that thing, fast as wind, the water was able to be delivered in time…

        “Bring me the double-stringed bow and arrows!”

        After setting up the bow and enchanting the arrows with affluent water elements, Atrahasis ordered several strong men to tighten the bowstring together. With an order, the arrows were shot and they flew towards the fire at an astonishing speed. As water elements on the arrows spewed out, the flames were extinguished. The high-speed arrows also swept away the air in the fire area, the majority of which had been put out. Only a few flames remained.

        Relieved, Atrahasis commanded all the people to help fight the fire, and soon the intensity was quenched.

        Although this wildfire destroyed part of the forest and caused some sequelae due to the smoke and dust, the situation was not serious because it was extinguished in time, and the lives and properties of the farmers were not taken.

        Everyone praised the quick wit of Atrahasis with respect.

        For Atrahasis, the happiest thing was that his precious invention could find better uses other than killing. In addition, he also proved once again that learning and knowledge were indeed hidden everywhere. As long as you looked for it with your heart, you would eventually find it.