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        The sea broke on the shore, with tides rising higher and higher with the wind. A boy fishing along the shore was not aware of the tide; the surging waves swept him out to the sea. Nervously, he tried to swim towards the shore, yet the current carried him further away. A giant passing by happened to witness this scene. As he saw the boy about to drown, he immediately flicked his wrist, causing the waves to create a stream that brought the boy back to the land — this was the first encounter between Gilgamesh and Anu.

        As time passed, Gilgamesh grew to become the leader of his village by subduing the people with his strength. Sometimes people who refused to submit to him would issue a challenge; but Gilgamesh defeated all of them with ease. Even though he had grown immensely powerful, he kept thinking about the power that Anu used to rescue him. It was the power to control nature, the power that no ordinary person could have possessed.

        When Anu first rescued Gilgamesh, the little boy was already astounded by the giant’s power. Gilgamesh immediately begged Anu to teach him; but Anu stated that power should be obtained through one’s own cultivation, so Anu only taught Gilgamesh some techniques to make use of power. Since then, Gilgamesh had been following Anu’s words. He was therefore able to wield his power in such a skillful way; this was the reason why he was never defeated. But still, it was obvious that his power could not compare with that of Anu.

        Determined to reach the level of Ancient Gods, Gilgamesh spent much time cultivating alone. Sometimes in the forests, sometimes along the sea. He knew that power within one’s body flowed like a cycle; through manipulating power, he altered the originally fixed cycle, so he could emit his power outward. With his power, he raised surges of billows to hunt giant beasts.

        Later, Gilgamesh tried to consider nature as a part of his body, extending the cycle of his power toward the outside. This way, he succeeded in absorbing nature’s power for his own use. However, he still could not directly manipulate the elemental power of nature like Anu did.

        “What exactly am I missing?” Gilgamesh even imitated Anu’s way of speaking sometimes, so he could feel closer to the Ancient Gods. “He once said that all usage of power is based on the same principle. But why can’t I reach his level?”

        Gilgamesh’s progress of cultivation was stagnant, and his determination grew weary. Though he continued his cultivation daily, he did not push himself as hard as before.

        A few years passed. A leader of a faraway town led his people to Gilgamesh’s village, persuading the villagers to go with them and build a town together. Among the man’s companions, there was a beautiful lady with long silver hair. Gilgamesh was deeply attracted to her, and fixated his eyes on her elegant posture. Sadly, the woman’s heart had already been won over by her leader.

        Every time Gilgamesh desired something, no matter food or the position of village leader, he always seized it with strength. But this time, it was a beauty. He held back a little in their fight, unlike his usual aggressive manner. Feeling humiliated, the female conjured elemental power to resist Gilgamesh. From her attack, Gilgamesh could sense a trace of power which was long-lost yet familiar — the power of the Ancient Gods!

        The cultivation had stuck for years. Now Gilgamesh finally found the point of breakthrough! He believed that he was blessed; even destiny granted him a chance to become as powerful as the Ancient Gods. He started gathering manpower and resources to build a spectacular fortress, more superior than that faraway town. It was all for the lady he desired — Inanna.