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        “Mum, can we really not bring Hamel with us?” A teary boy pointed at an iron toy.

        “You can’t have these things anymore. You have to start school.” Having finished her words, a woman dragged the boy to leave.

        Hamel, the iron toy, kept its eyes on the boy as he left. The closing door finally blocked out the last ray of light, leaving the room in complete darkness. Hamel existed for a long time; while the boy was its last owner, it was the boy’s first toy. Hamel had realized long ago that as an iron toy, its final destination was to be in a box where it shall rust until “death”.

        A long time passed before a shred of light shone into the room. A little girl’s silhouette came into Hamel’s sight, her face too dark to be seen.

        “Haha, there is so many toys here!” The child’s joyful laughter woke Hamel.

        Hamel had its eyes on the little girl as she was skipping into the room. She waved her hand, and a light sphere illuminated the whole room, revealing the iron toys within. Hamel was curious about the girl’s intention when suddenly, the light sphere broke into myriad small ones and shot themselves at all the toys, Hamel being one of them. Upon the sphere’s merge with Hamel’s body, Hamel realized that it was able to move. Tin toy troops were jumping around in joy.

        Hamel, alive now, looked at the girl in bemusement; she knew that this girl was special. The girl turned to look at Hamel as if she sensed her sight. She slowly approached...

        “You’re Hamel?”

        Hamel nodded.

        “I need you. Can you help me, please?”

        Hearing such an adorable voice, Hamel could not bear declining. However, the reason for this was less out of gratitude for her life, but actually out of the fear that lay within her...