Reuniting with Copperfield and the others, Plumpy was the only one who got away from the fish’s mouth. However, the giant fish had no intention to give up hunting her, so the cats were having a fierce battle. With Copperfield’s trick, the fish was put down. But it seemed that Fist was finished together with the fish…

        The stunned Copperfield was left alone on the suspension bridge. Plumpy and Wimpy followed Tim to the main building and went down the stairs to the basement in the search of Ali Baba.

        “Pass through here and go 312.99m further. Turn left and we’ll see a room over there…” Tim talked to them as he led the way with a map.

        At this moment, Wimpy cringed behind Tim quivering with fear. “Do, do you realize that...It’s getting darker and darker...Look, there-there is no light ahead…,” he asked

        “Cats are not afraid of darkness,” Plumpy responded with a smile.

        She rubbed her eyes, dilating her pupils. The vision became much clearer as if a candle was lit. Then, Tim and Wimpy carefully advanced in the dark with their night visions. Suddenly, something shiny on the floor drew their attentions.

        “Hmmm, it looks familiar…” Plumpy found an earring.

        Plumpy wrinkled her face like a dry bun when she was trying hard to dig out some clues in her memories. “It’s my gift to Ali Baba,” she recalled.

        “It’s supposed to be a pair...where is the other one! I'm gonna find it!” Tim’s OCD kicked in. When he bent over to pick it up, Wimpy cut in.

        “Why is Ali Baba’s earring here…”

        The three cats looked to the room at the end of the corridor. With a precise lock on the door, they believed he should be in that room. However, their way was blocked by strands, just like spider web.

        “It, it must be a trap...I’m not sure what’s going to happen if we touch it…,” Wimpy stepped back from it.

        “Hey, there is a button on that wall. It should be able to switch off the trap. First, raise our foot to a 45.56 degree angle to pass through the first strand. Then, lift our leg to a 30.11 degree angle to stride over the second strand.”

        “I’ll do it.” Plumpy had the best flexibility among the cats. She contracted her body to slither the strands easily like spineless.

        Right when she was passing through the last strand, Plumpy stumbled on her tail carelessly, leaning forward. Eventually, her belly touched the strand. The trap was triggered and a giant water ball was rolling down the corridor. Plumpy, by instinct and reflex, raised her leg to burst it with a roundhouse kick; the water ball bursted and the cats immediately got splashed by the stinky water inside.

        Soaked himself from head to foot, Tim snapped. “Did you hear what I say!? Raise your foot to a 45.56 degree angle, then a 30.11 degree angle! Look what you’ve got us!”

        “She, she has already tried her best...Your instruction is way too hard for us….” Wimpy retorted weakly. Then, the two of them began to argue, dragging everything which had happened recently into the fight.

        “If you could unlock the crown earlier, Ali Baba wouldn’t have been kidnapped!”
        “You blame-blame me? It should be your-your wrong map your map, leading us to the wrong way…”
        “So you pick on me huh?” Tim wrapped his map to knock at Wimpy’s head.
        “It’s’ve been accusing me of my lockpicking skill…” Wimpy covered his head with hands and trod on Tim’s foot tremulously.

        Plumpy had no idea what they were arguing about. She wiped the water from her skin and decided to try again. Taking a deep breath, Plumpy flattened her belly to pass through the strands agilely. After a while, she made it to the button and switched it off. “I did it!”

        Wimpy and Tim were beating each other. But Plumpy’s victorious scream stopped both of them simultaneously. Plumpy’s innocent smile made them realize that they should not have passed the buck to each other. As a result, both of them spoke in unison, “sorry…”

        “Come over here! The lock is inlaid with lots of shining gems!”

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