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        A boy was looking for information in library with his friends. All of them dreamed of being an adventurer. Suddenly the boy yelled, “Come!” The others in the library were dismayed by his yelling and scowled at him. The boy could only bow to apologize. His friends came towards him after they have heard him...

        “What have you found?” asked Vitus.

        “Don’t shout like this next time!” Samuel blamed him for the noise.

        “What kind of myth have you found?” James could not wait to hear George’s reply.

        George took out a book, flipping it over and told his friends excitedly, “It is said that deep in the forest there was a huge spider with an upper body of a beautiful woman. but no one knows if she ever exists... Fascinating, isn’t it?”

        “So there’s no prove, is it...” Samuel murmured thoughtfully.

        James and Vitus spoke in unison, “If we can find her, we will be famous adventurers!”

        “Right. Let’s meet at the gate tomorrow!”

        The four boys were treading along the forest, heading to the deepest part of it. At first, everyone was full of passion and joy, but they started to feel scared as the surroundings gradually became spooky and eerie. George, who had been walking in the front, suddenly tripped and fell on the ground. As he stood up once again, he realized that bones were scattered all over the ground. All of his companions had already fled, leaving him behind. Just then, he heard a chilling cry of Vitus from somewhere near. Immediately he ran towards the sound and captured a scene just like a nightmare...

        A giant spider crawled to Vitus. She had an upper body of a gorgeous woman, as the legend was told. Grinning wickedly, she took one swift bite on his neck. Vitus soon shouted no more. Probably being paralysed by the venom, his eyes became remote and enigmatic while his body began to stiffen.

        Seeing all the happenings, George knew he was in trouble. But when he turned to run, he stepped on a branch carelessly. The sound caught the spider’s attention and she flung herself towards George. George ran with no hesitation, then abruptly fell into an enormous net. The more he struggled, the more he was entangled in it... As he was thinking ways to escape, the spider has already wriggled above him.

        “Struggle gets you more entangled; resistance brings you more despair...” - Isabell the Black Widow