Since Izanagi was born, he wandered with his master to practice onmyodo. On their journey they came to a city ravaged by a war. Corpses and rubble covered the roads. A girl sobbed on the street, but no one cared about her. Izanagi lifted the debris and rescued her. Izanagi’s master took care of her as his disciple and named her Izanami.
        Years from then, Izanagi and Izanami grew up to be outstanding Onmyoji just like their master, who now had much less stamina and spiritual energy than before due to his aged body. One day they followed One day they were requested to visit a haunted cabin. Rumor said a youkai who fed on humans living there…
        ’Nagi, do you think human-eating youkai actually exist?’ questioned Izanami. If there was one, she should be able to feel its youkai power by now. ‘It’s hard to tell. I don’t sense any youkai power.’ Izanagi frowned. They had never encountered anything like this. The three of them quietly walked to the door. Izanagi wanted to knock, but it opened slowly before he did! This scared Izanami, who pulled out fulus from her sleeves, but Izanagi seized her and shook his head. An old lady peered her head through the gap. ‘Oh, taoists? How may I help you?' Izanagi and Izanami stared at each other. They had no words. Their master said, ‘Erm, it’s getting dark here, so we were wondering if we could stay the night in your house.’ ‘Hoho, of course. It isn’t big enough to swing a cat, if you don’t mind.’ The old lady opened the door and made way for them.
        Stepping into the house, the master winked to his disciples and distracted the old lady. Izanagi and Izanami searched in the house. They pulled out glowing fulus in green and purple respectively. As they murmured spells, the fulus floated in the house. They shut their eyes to focus their senses. Moments later, Izanami said, ‘I don’t see anything special…’ Still keenly searching, Izanagi did not reply. His fulu landed on a book’s cover. He grabbed the book and looked: it was a book about black magic! ‘That’s why we didn’t feel any youkai power...A human who practises black magic gradually turns into a deranged youkai. Before he turns, there isn’t a way to detect it unless it casts a spell.’ Izanagi gasped. He remembered his master was still chatting with the old lady. He immediately went to find their master with Izanami.
        ’Master!’ yelled Izanagi. What they saw left them speechless. Their master was bathed in a pool of blood. The old lady, splashed with blood, was holding a sharp knife, looking ferocious. ‘Just a bit more...and I’ll acquire immortality!’ She raised her knife and thrust at Izanami. Izanami could not react fast enough, but luckily Izanagi applied a spell on his beads, which then bound the old lady. She stopped moving. Izanagi kept murmuring spells. The beads injected green light into the old lady’s body. Her face softened, and aged rapidly. In a blink of an eye, she became a bag of dry meat. Her voice resounded through the house, ‘I was so close…’ ‘Go reincarnate! Do not hesitate!’ Izanagi blessed her to soothe her fear of death.
        They ran to their master, who gasped in pain; probably on the brink of death. Izanagi did not want to give up. He transferred spiritual energy to his master, but his master refused with a smile, ‘Death is inevitable…’ Those were the last words Izanagi ever heard from his master. Izanami spilled tears. Death arrived unexpectedly. They still could not believe it. Izanagi tried not to let his tears gush out of his watering eyes. He hid the book of black magic, preventing it from harming the world again.

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