Izanami chanted spells quickly. Izanagi slapped her shoulders, ‘If you chant too fast, even gods and demons can’t hear you.’ ‘I-I’m really nervous,’ said Izanami with a trembling voice. ‘You’ve memorized every single chant. Just follow your own pace,’ said Izanagi with a smile. Izanami emboldened herself and nodded. A grumpy voice yelled at Izanami, ‘Hey! I thought you came to bless my brand new tower! Get a move on! I paid you to work!’ ‘Y-yes!’ She jumped in surprise. Before Izanagi left to finish his exorcism mission, he said, ‘Trust yourself!’ She smiled and promptly prepared the ritual equipment.
        She left oblations at the four gates of the tower, went back to the center, and started chanting. She chanted every word in the spell with precision and performed a perfect ritual dance. Afterwards she said to the tower owner, ‘The blessing ritual is finished. I wish everyone a peaceful life.’ ‘Humph! Get lost! Don’t get in the way of the view of my magnificent tower!’ The tower owner gave her a few coins and rushed her away. An abrupt noise shook the tower. The tower collapsed before anyone could react. Most people failed to dodge the rubble, resulting in deaths and Injuries. The opening celebration ended as a tragedy...
        It was already dawn when all of the injuries were settled. The tower owner pointed at Izanami, ‘What you chanted was a curse, not blessing!’ ‘I-I…’ The crowded surrounded her and blamed her. She gawked with watering eyes in fear, not knowing how to cope with the situation. Izanagi came back and pulled her into his arms. Her heart could not stop racing, but relief soothed her mind. He shouted at the tower owner, ‘Her blessing worked! It was something else that caused the collapse! Give us some time to investigate. We’re onmyoji. I’ll take responsibility if it turns out to be our fault.’ ‘ Humph! You’ll pay for blood with blood!’ Izanagi pulled Izanami out of the tower. They did not return until midnight.
        They searched the tower for evidence. Izanami could not bear the pressure anymore and cried, ‘Did I kill them?’ Izanagi wiped away her tears and looked into her eyes, ‘I trust you, always. I’ll protect you from everything.’ He pulled Izanami close to him and their lips locked. It was a small but sweet kiss. As they smiled at each other, weird noises came from the rubble. They nervously pulled out fulus and plodded towards the noise. Four small youkais popped out from the rubble! Izanami firmly believed they caused the collapse that took hundreds of lives. She furiously launched spells on them!
        The youkais pleaded for mercy, ‘Please don’t kill us! We did not do anything!’ ‘You evildoers. Die!’ Izanami raised her fulu ready to deal a deadly blow but was stopped by Izanagi. He asked, ‘What happened exactly?’ The youkais brought them to a place deep in the forest. The ground was covered with fragments of the tower pillars, which were made out of rotten wood with holes bored by white ants. The youkais explained, ‘The tower owner cut corners. They did not complete the structure to make it stable. It was always in danger of collapse.’ ‘Why did you help us?’ asked Izanami. The youkais stared at each other and smiled, ‘We loved your blessing. It made us feel peaceful. We couldn’t bear to see you wronged by those people.’ ‘Thank you.’ The youkais helped Izanagi and Izanami gather up the rotten wood.
        The next morning, the tower owner insisted that Izanami was to blame, but his face went pale when Izanagi showed him the rotten wood. ‘How do you explain this?’ questioned Izanagi. The tower owner floundered, unable to refute the conclusive evidence. Izanami and Izanagi smiled at each other. They had finally proven their innocence. Later when Izanami meditated in her room alone, she heard a female voice and opened Izanagi’s box, where the book of black magic lay within…

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