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        Looking at the nauseating corpse, the sergeant in the long trench coat sighed and took out a cigar from his pocket.

        “It’s the Ripper, again! It’s the third case this month!” The sergeant said with the cigar in his mouth.

        But upon noticing no response, he turned his head to look at the other detective. When he saw his subordinate, he could not but slap his forehead.

        “Johnny, it’s already the third time in a month that you have seen such a sight. And you’re still vomiting?” The sergeant said gruffly.

        “Sergeant Cuff... puuuke... I beg your... puuuke... understanding...” Johnny said while vomiting.

        Then, a young man in suit crossed over the cordon. He smiled to Sergeant Cuff and squatted down to check the corpse. Johnny wanted to stop the man, but Cuff asked him to get away. Wearing a pair of gloves, Sergeant Cuff squatted down as well and talked with the man.

        “The chest was cut open by a sharp weapon; four limbs broken; and the ten fingers were stuffed into the mouth. This M.O. again... so morbid!” Cuff said.

        “Sergeant Cuff, maybe the murderer wants to express something.” The man said softly, and Cuff could not notice the slight change on his face.

        “I don’t want to know about his meaning. I only know I will send this psycho to the gallows.” Sergeant Cuff said, gnashing his teeth.

        “The murderer may not be human...?” The man propositioned.

        “You mean... he may be a Demon?” Cuff was a bit startled.

        “I’m just making a hypothesis. I think Humans wouldn’t do something so beau... brutal.” The man responded.

        Johnny, who had been watching them from the side, was very curious about the identity of the man. Why would Sergeant Cuff, the detective with the highest crime clearance rate in the city, ask for his opinion? But Johnny did not have a favorable impression for the man. He thought there seemed to be something wrong with this man. The man stood up and looked down on the corpse, as if he had fallen deep in thought. But in Johnny’s eyes, the man seemed to be admiring the body instead. The man suddenly looked up, meeting Johnny’s eyes. Johnny could felt nothing but a chill. The man then smiled and turned to leave.

        “Sergeant Cuff, who exactly is he?” Johnny asked, slightly shivering.

        “You’ve finally finished vomiting? That man is the best private investigator of all — Jack the Gentleman.” Sergeant Cuff answered.