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        “I can't believe it! It's you!”

        The man was hiding his face in the shadows. When Cuff could finally see the man clearly, the man had already stabbed the knife into his chest, gutting him as one would a fish. Entrails and organs flowed from the wound. The blood stained the alley crimson red. Cuff stared at the man standing before him. He wanted to ask the man why he would do this, but he did not have the necessary strength anymore.

        The man took out a white handkerchief from his pocket, wiping his knife. He emerged from the shadow — a yellow suit, a star mark below the eye, bluish green pupils, and a creepy smile — it was Jack, obviously.

        “Sergeant Cuff, haven’t you been asking about the identity of the murderer?”

        “I’ve told you, he’s not a human! Because Humans couldn’t create such beautiful art!”

        “Do you know what is the art of death? Suicide, murder, death from old age, death from disease, death from hunger, death from an accident...”

        “There are too many ways to die; but the art of death can only be demonstrated between the murderer and the murdered.”

        “Now you should be able to understand, the art of death is the most beautiful thing of all...”

        A loud bang interrupted Jack. A few detectives and sorcerers blocked at the sides of the alley. They were concentrating their power in hand. A single movement from Jack would have brought the magic upon him.

        “Freeze!” Johnny shouted.

        “Johnny, I didn’t expect you would be the one to find me out.” Jack said with his head tilted, as if mocking the man in front of him.

        “I’ve long thought that there is something wrong with you, so I’ve investigated you — the Demon Ripper — Jack!” Johnny said.

        “Haha! As a reward for your cleverness, I will give you a small present.” Jack said with a smile on his face.

        Johnny was cautious about Jack. He did not know what the small present would be. He did not want to fail at the last moment and give Jack take an opportunity to run. Suddenly, Jack started to become transparent and said.

        “An adult has six litres of blood. How much does your sergeant left? Well, I need to go back to find my beautiful Elizabeth now. See you later, Johnny!” Jack continued fading into transparency — even as he bowed to Johnny as a gentleman would — before finally, disappearing without a trace...