“Humans must learn of the calamity brought by Demons!”

        “Calamity? Humans themselves are a calamity!” Astaroth, Duke of Hell bellowed arrogantly as he swung his dragon-headed scythe at Jackie. She dodged the strike and retaliated with fiery strike from her hand. Yet, her opponent had vanished. She leaped, the spring in her legs launching her upwards in the nick of time; the bricks she had been standing upon just moments shattered. Astaroth, who had appeared from below, grunted. Drawing back her left spring arm, Jackie released her stored energy, tearing her sleeve. Her metallic claws nearly struck Astaroth's glasses. Yet, before her attack landed, he had already evaded by turning into smoke. Jackie immediately ignited her demonic blood, summoning fire from nothingness, trapping her Demon enemy with her. Flames lapped her body but Jackie had long grown accustomed to the pain.

        Jackie had burnt up much of her body, but she persisted by replacing parts of her body with machined parts. She journeyed through cities, blazing through contaminated homes and incinerating corrupted peoples. Yet, she could never find the Demons responsible and thus, could not stop the Demons’ scheme of corruption.

        Hence, Jackie wandered the realm, scouring for traces of Demons, until she ran into the Duke of Hell.

        “Spawn of the Warlord, are you not treated as a pest by Humans as well?” The Duke of Hell snapped his fingers, summoning an encirclement of Demon soldiers outside the fiery trap. “They only treat you as an arsonist. No one understands your message.”

        Jackie was filled with rage. She recalled her friend’s poetry verses as a mean to suppress her urge to ignite herself. ‘Stars join to form chains, as man walks to the predestined guillotine—’

        “Join us! And Demons shall reign over both heaven and the realm of Humans!”

        “Even if I am reduced to ashes, I shall remain resolute in following my initial goal!”

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