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        From the beginning, Jackie had rejected him, but Stephen never gave up.

        “I understand. ‘There is no time for romance.’ I truly understand.” Stephen stamped his letter. “After all, you love being a postwoman so much.”

        “If you understand, then shut up about it.” Jackie arrange the letters according to the order of streets. “This job is not a stepping stone.”

        “But I am doing a good job, right? And, I do not get in your way when you work.”

        “But this bo...”

        ‘Bothers me.’ Jackie could not finish her sentence. His bright eyes were pouring into her and his naive face seemed to crave affection, like a pet. Jackie suppressed her urge to beat him senseless, and simply turned away.

        “He just would not give up...”

        Jackie headed out to deliver letters. There were piles of snow that covered the streets. Jackie pulled back her scarf and sprinted ahead with the full mail bag in her arms.

        ‘Perhaps I should have accepted Stephen; then, I can use him like I would a slave. Like befor...’ Jackie shook her head hard. ‘No, I am secluding myself to escape the past.’

        Jackie ran along the alley. The snow that landed on her body evaporated instantaneously. She was gently igniting the fire within herself as she darted across the streets with the power of Demons.

        Jackie had always managed to keep her identity a secret, moving between different towns. Over centuries, she had passed herself off as her own “daughter” or “granddaughter” in the crowds. While she was never suspected, she also never formed deep bonds. Jackie always believed that it was preferable to live anonymously amongst Humans instead of being a princess amongst Demons.

        If it was not because of Stephen’s death, Jackie would have remained silent, allowing the Demon blood in her body to slumber...