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        ‘With the long distance from the destination, if we veer onto a wrong path, it would be very difficult to return to our initial goal.’

        ‘If the distance is far, then I would have time to the right path, right?’

        Yes, since you are unwilling to give up, you would have to endure extended pain.’

        “...You will have to endure extended pain.”

        “Yes, I understand.”

        Heisenberg’s words reminded Jackie of her past. Compared to the circumstances she was going through now, she could not help but laugh bitterly.

        “You are very strong.”

        “I have grown accustomed to this.”

        “My theory remains experimental. Conversion of flames and contraction of the draconic steel... these would still be dependent upon you to control,” Heisenberg added.

        “I know, but at least I will never lose control of my power again.”

        That night, the prolonged winter buried the city in snow. The flakes were enough to cover footsteps and it was only through forcing her demonic blood into her eyes that she could see the traces left by the Demon. With a leap, she landed on the roof, still chasing the murderer who was running away with the corpse.

        “Get out of my way!” The slender killer remained agile, as if the corpse carried over his shoulder was weightless. His gray face was like those of the deceased. “You don’t like getting disturbed when you are delivering letters, right?!”

        “Give him back to me!”

        “What do you want with the body? Are you interested in this as well?”

        Jackie raged as she continued her pursuit; the chase brought the two into a pumpkin patch. As Jackie was about to catch the murderer, the pumpkins in the patch suddenly came to life, the steel-like vines piercing her legs.


        Seeing the murder’s imminent escape, Jackie’s heart surged with monstrous rage as her demonic blood boiled. Flames wrapped themselves around her arms, transforming into giant claws. She grabbed Stephen’s body and the murderer’s right hand. The killer howled in pain, but to prevent capture, he actually chopped off his own arm with his bone rapier, causing Jackie to pull her clawed arm back. Still furious, Jackie dashed at the murderer, but in the split of time, his flying blade cut into her ankle. She collapsed forward, and the murderer took this opportunity to escape. By this time, Stephen’s body had become reduced to ashes by her fiery powers. Sadness compelled Jackie to extinguish the fire when she noticed that her demonic flames had consumed the plains, incinerating all to nothingness. Drained by tragedy, Jackie collapsed onto her knees as she pulled herself into her own burnt arms. She knew that day was coming, and the heat from the sun returned, revealing the destructive extent of her power. The peaceful life she was endeavored hard to maintain shall now fade away forever...