Minerelves’ Record Story Ch. 3

        Inside an isolated country, there nurtured a special sort of elves. The species was called minerelf, for their body structure consisted of jewels. The nation gradually thrived under the king’s rule, and this story began at the thriving age…

        “Jade, I’ve ironed your school uniform.”

        “Seriously!? This is the old uniform…” Jade just reminded her mother couple days ago, digging out of the new school uniform in her wardrobe anxiously.

        “Easy...I’m just kidding. I bet your transfer has something to do with Diamond, don’t you…” Mother mumbled as she took out the new uniform.

        “I gotta do it.”

        “So you admitted. When it comes to Diamond, you’ll become a wild card.” Mother shook her head and left hopelessly. “Anyhow, don’t mess around in the new school okay?”

        “Why would I?” Jade could not wait to dress up during the conversation. The uniform design displayed her exquisite body shape perfectly. A resplendent light was dazzling in the reflection of a mirror——It was from a diamond pendant in front of her chest.

        “This is the proof of my guilt.” Jade held the pendant tight; her mind started drifting away, dragging her back to the regrettable past…

        “Jade, he is Diamond, heir to the throne. You know crows particularly fancy the shine of Diamond. Bear in mind to keep him safe,” her father talked to Jade gently. However, her focus was all on playing, without paying any attention to father’s words.

        “Hey, the weather is nice today. Let’s have some fun in the garden.” Jade, with arms akimbo, said to Diamond, who was burying his nose in a picture book.

        “No way. I’ll get kidnapped,” Diamond answered as he raised his head.

        “Come on you craven. I haven’t had a single accident every time I go out.”

        “But grandpa…”

        “Sigh!” Jade heaved a sigh loudly. “Are you sure you’re a boy? Even I’m braver than you.”

        Displeased, Diamond frowned. “Of course I’m! Let’s go.”

        Provoked by Jade, Diamond sneaked out together to the huge garden outside the castle. As going out on a sunny day rarely happened to Diamond, he was excited with this adventure.

        “Let’s play hide and seek,” said Jade. “What is it?” Diamond was confused.

        “Really? You haven’t played this game before?”

        “...Everyone told me the world outside is dangerous. So I’ve been staying home all the way…”

        “Hiding because of danger? Never!” Jade spread her arms to show him the azure sky behind. “You see. The outer world is huge and interesting.”

        Diamond enjoyed the breeze while closing his eyes. “Right...I’ve been longing for this actually.”

        “Don’t worry. I’ll take you somewhere else. But before that, let’s learn to hide and seek.” Jade taught him the rules; and Diamond understood immediately.

        “I’ll hide. You’re gonna catch me.” Eager to give it a try, Diamond ran away without waiting for Jade’s answer. Then, she leant on a tree, counting down. “10, 9, 8, 7——”


        Diamond’s scream interrupted Jade, who saw him being caught by a giant crow!

        “Diamond!” Jade wanted to pull him back, but the crow knew her intention and flapped into the air at once.

        “Let go of me!” Struggling, Diamond was still unable to get rid of the crow.

        Burning with anxiety, Jade picked up a rock on the floor and threw at it. Luckily, the crow was hit.

        “Cawww——!” The crow let out a painful scream while diving to Jade angrily. Without expecting the strike, she was knocked to the ground.

        “Jade!! Damn it!” Witnessing that she was under attack, Diamond raged; somehow he sensed the element was boiling as if responding to his sentiment.

        Diamond used this power out of instinct to crystalize his right arm, which was covered by layers of gems as if a cannon made by diamonds, exuding with dazzling light.

        “This beautiful…” Awakened by the dazzle, Jade was fascinated by Diamond, who swung his right fist into the crow——


        “Cawww——!” The crow was knocked out, falling down rapidly to the ground. Likewise, Diamond crashed to the floor and cracked.

        “Diamond!” Jade crawled to him at once.

        “Hahaha...Cough!” Cracking all over the body, Diamond wore a smile unexpectedly, which gave her a total shock. “Um...are you alright?”

        “Yeah...I’m just laughing at myself for being too stupid...Even with danger, I can fight and protect myself…” Diamond fell into a faint afterwards.

        Jade was in a panic at first, but slightly relieved as she knew he was still breathing.

        “It’s my fault…” Jade picked up a small chip peeled off from Diamond, holding tight. “He was hurt because of me…”

        Jade woke up from her memories. Then, she made up her mind while gazing at that chip on hand.

        “I’ll protect you this time!”

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