In the overcast sky, an emerald and a purple dragon had a fierce fight in the air, biting and clawing each other. Covered in wounds, the emerald dragon summoned element to crystalize its claws, subduing the purple dragon to the cliffs with the advantage of its weight.

        “Xuan Huang, you dare to eat humans for your own good. Your action has betrayed the creed of Rune Dragon Clan! You’re arrested!” The emerald dragon Qing Gui condemned.

        Instead of introspection, Xuan Huang talked in disdain. “I don’t care about the so-called morality and justice! Why do I have to yield to those insignificant humans? I’ll do whatever it takes to make Bai Hu reborn, even to kill you!”

        “You——There’s no point to reason anymore. Let’s settle this with battles!” Qing Gui circulated earth elemental power to harden its right claw with crystal and smashed against Xuan Huang’s head.

        Bang! The attack hit right into the cliffs instead; rocks started falling. Before Qing Gui could figure out what happened, an immense pain sent from the back——Xuan Huang split into four heads the moment Qing Gui attacked, biting it from behind.

        “The fall of our clan is all attributed to your ego. I’m not under your control anymore, never!” Xuan Huang unleashed dark elemental power to crush the right claw of the wounded Qing Gui in a close range.

        Unable to hold any longer, Qing Gui fell down to the ground, covered in blood. The severe injuries had paralyzed it, even with its strong will. Sinking into the blurry consciousness, Qing Gui could feel that someone was dragging it. At the same time, pure aura kept on coming.

        Thanks to this aura, its injuries had soon recovered, waking up from a coma. When Qing Gui opened its eyes, it saw a human; his right shoe was ragged with a huge hole, sticking the toe out.

        “That hole is unsettling...And why my back is wet?” Qing Gui looked up to get a whole picture——A young man was lying on its back, asleep. His slobber was dropped to the scales. Knowing that, Qing Gui felt disgusted and angry, shaking off that man to the ground.

        “Hmm…Oh, you woke up. Wow, you’re truly a big one.” The man said as he rubbed his eyes with a smile. But his slouchy attitude got Qing Gui provoked.

        It leaned close to the man with its mouth wide open, threatening to eat him. This terrifying scene was accidentally witnessed by a little girl who came in. “Ahhh——Brother is gonna be eaten by the monster! NOOO——!” She was startled to wail.

        Qing Gui was stunned and looked frozen as it was just pretending to scare the man. In contrast, the man stayed calm walking to the girl and give her a hug.

        “Plumy, don’t be afraid. Brother won’t be eaten.”


        “Cough! I won’t eat him. It’s just a prank.”

        “...Hm? The dragon is gone?” Plumy gazed at a young stranger in confusion.

        “I’m that dragon, Qing Gui.” The youth turned himself into a human form from a dragon. He was tall, handsome with long blue hair to his waist, exuding with elegance. He pouted with crossed arms, “sor-sorry to scare you. Don’t cry please.”

        “Emm——! How did you turn into human? Show me again, again.”


        “Plumy, you can’t embarrass the holy dragon. Aren’t you here for me?” The man patted her head gently.

        “Oh yes. Everybody is waiting,” she replied with a smile, showing her broken incisor. “Lunch is ready. Come on!”

        “Holy dragon——”

        “You can call me Qing Gui.”

        “Ah...Qing Gui, please join us if you don’t mind.” Suddenly, the man patted his own forehead. “Oops! I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Heshi, the landlord of this city.”

        Qing Gui followed Heshi to the crowded town center, where a few women were busy at their work. When Heshi tried to help, they immediately stopped him.

        “Landlord, just leave the chores to us. Please sit.” A woman then gave Qing Gui and Heshi a bowl of soup. “Eat while it’s still hot.”

        The soup was actually just very thin congee without any other ingredients. “Are you sure this can fill your stomach,” Qing Gui asked with a frown.

        “...It’s not enough to be honest, but things will get better when autumn comes.” Heshi pointed at the vast farmland far away. The green rice plant was growing.

        “To make a better living, we imported grains from a neighbouring country and planted in our farms. With everyone’s effort, the crops are pretty healthy. We’re all waiting for the good harvest.”

        Heshi’s eyes shone with hope and aspiration.
        “This guy is better than I expected.”

        Qing Gui changed his view on Heshi. As a respect, he emptied the bowl.

        All of a sudden, a troop of 50 was entering the town. Taking the lead was a short man with a brandy nose. “Well well well, what a warm lunch gathering here,” he looked around and spoke loudly.

        “General Wei, what brought you here?” Heshi was puzzled.
        “Humph! To collect debts of course!”
        “Debts? I remember the payment was agreed to be next year spring.”
        “Haha! Are you blind?” General Wei opened a parchment and pointed at the small texts at the bottom. “The due date is today!”

        “What!?” Heshi was stunned as he looked at it. “These texts weren’t here when I signed!”
        “I knew you poor bastard wouldn’t admit it. That’s why I’m well prepared.” General Wei signaled the armed soldiers to step forward.

        “You——” He glared at the general. “Even if you do it by force, we have nothing to pay.”
        “Never mind. Let’s trade with humans then.” General Wei shifted his gaze at Plumy. “Oh, look at this cute bae...Take her!”

        “Stop! You can’t do this——Ahh!” The soldiers pushed him away and grabbed Plumy.

        Bang! A soldier was barged away to the back of General Wei, frothing at the mouth.

        “Disgusting. You make me sick.” Qing Gui held Plumy into his left arm; and his right hand was turned into the dragon claw. Obviously, he was the one who attacked the soldier just before.

        “YYYYOU...What are you monster!!?” General Wei asked in fear as he pointed at the claw. Next second, he was held hostage and kept his mouth shut.

        “I’m not a monster. And I can turn you into dead meat in a snap of finger!” Qing Gui pushed the general to the mud, who crawled back up and fled under the escort of the soldiers in a hurry.

        “Our army will soon seize your place! I can’t wait to see your death!” The general spoke cowardly only when he walked out of the city gate.

        “If I’m not forbidden to kill, I would’ve slaughtered this prick right now!” Qing Gui groaned as he put Plumy down. Then, she ran to the embrace of her mother, crying. The weeping sound aroused many discussions. Everyone was perplexed at the moment.

        Heshi cut in to calm the civilians. “Don’t worry. I’ll protect everyone at all costs!”

        Then, the people calmed down for the time being and continued their daily work. When Qing Gui and Heshi returned to the house, Heshi couched down with a vexing feeling surging in his heart. “What can I do...I can’t help much, even if I have to sacrifice…”

        “So you got the point,” Qing Gui was being sarcastic.

        “It’s my fault. I’ve been more careful when dealing with that cunning general, but still...And our army can’t stand against the enemies...Perhaps we should run...but the crops...AHHH——” Heshi paced back and forth impatiently.

        “...I can help,” said Qing Gui.


        “You saved my life. Now I pay you back the favour.” Qing Gui turned away his face.


        “Yes, in one condition.”

        “I’ll do anything to see the people, even to lick your shoes or crawl between your legs!” Heshi grabbed his shoulders sincerely.

        Qing Gui frowned as he heard the words. “I don’t have such disgusting fetish!” He shook off Heshi’s hands immediately.

        “What do you want me to do?”

        “Take off your shoes.”

        “So are you trying to lick my shoes instead?”

        “NO!” Qing Gui pressed against his neck with his dragon claw and answered ferociously. “I want to stitch that broken hole on your shoe! It’s a pain in the eye!”

        Qing Gui patched his shoes as he wished, just to soothe the perfectionism within. Satisfied, he began to tell Heshi his plan…

        Few days later, In the conference room of the landlord, Heshi banqueted General Wei like a king with sumptuous food and hospitality.

        “General Wei, I apologize for my discourtesy before. And I’ve already dealt with that monster...Urgh!” His face suddenly distorted, leaving General Wei in doubt. “What’s wrong?”

        “No, nothing. I was just bitten by a huge mosquito. Excuse me for a moment.” Heshi faked a smile and went to a corner. He took out a jade, talking to it with a low whisper. “Hey, why did you bump my chest? It hurts!”

        “I’m Qing Gui of the Rune Dragon Clan, not a monster!” The jade spoke bizarrely. It turned out this emerald was disguised by Qing Gui.

        “I just spoke out of expediency. Don’t take it personal okay?”

        “How could I not——”

        “Hey! Why are you mumbling at the corner? If you don’t mean to apologize, just get lost,” General Wei shouted at the table.

        “Alright, just stick to the plan,” said Qing Gui.

        Heshi nodded with a smile, acting like a bootlicker as he walked to the general.

        “About our debts, I want to offset them with this.” He presented the jade to the General Wei.

        “Humph, it’s just a piece of crap.”
        “Oh, it’s not. This magical jade can summon winds and storms. You see.” While Heshi was rubbing it, Qing Gui gathered elemental power to conjure storms outside. When his hand is off the jade, the storms stopped at once.

        General Wei was completely stunned at the scene. Then, Heshi continued to persuade. “I heard that your landlord’s birthday will come soon, and he likes rare treasures...Well I won’t force you to take the jade anyways. Yesterday General Li visited me——”

        Before he finished the words, General Wei grabbed the jade and put the due bill back to Heshi’s pocket to avoid Heshi changing his mind.

        As a result, General Wei brought Qing Gui, who was in the jade form, back to the country and rushed to meet the landlord with this valuable excitedly.

        “Your majesty, to celebrate your birthday, I’ve sent my men to search for rare gems. Then I found this miracle jade that can summon winds and storms.”

        “Oh really? Show me.”

        “As you wish.” General Wei rubbed the jade just as Heshi did, but nothing happened. The landlord, who was feeling excited at the moment, pulled a long face. Frightened, General Wei was sweating with fear. “How is this possible! It was working before!!”

        “Humph, ‘cause this is just a forgery you idiot.” Turned into a green bird, Qing Gui stood at the window, looking at General Wei who was dragged out by the soldier and screaming like a pig to be slaughtered.

        “Now that bastard general is done, it’s time to go back.” Qing Gui spread its wings to the cloud, turned back to its dragon form and flew back to Heshi’s territory. From afar, Qing Gui saw him and all the citizens were gathering in the town, kneeling down to pray.

        “They...are they praying for me…” A warm feeling surged from its heart. Qing Gui dived down from the clouds and embraced the passionate hurray of the people.

        “It’s good to see you back.” Heshi welcomed the human form Qing Gui.

        “Just a piece of cake. Back without even a scratch,” he said proudly. “And you. Don’t ever be fooled again. You won’t be that lucky next time!”

        “Em? Why...Are you leaving town?” Heshi felt sad and dejected; same went to the other citizens.

        “These people are begging like this again...How possibly can I bear to leave...Ugh. So be it! I don’t have any clue about Xuan Huang anyways. I’ll be staying while searching for it,” he thought.

        “Humph! Look at you coward. Without me, you’re gonna be bullied by another scumbag again. I’ll stay until autumn.”

        “Hurray!” Heshi hugged him enthusiastically. Seeing his action, the kids there all mimicked him and rushed to Qing Gui.

        “Hey hey! Stop! I’m fall, falling——AHH!” As Qing Qui said, he could not bear the weight of everyone and fell down to the ground.

        “Hahaha——” Even though it was embarrassing, Heshi did not care less but laughed out loud with the kids. Caught by the laughter, Qing Gui also wore a pleasant smile.

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