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        On a rugged mountain road to the Heavenly Kingdom, a werewolf, who was five times taller than the average height, crouched down on a pillar, gobbling a human corpse. His sharp teeth was stained with blood and grease.
        While the werewolf was wolfing down his prey, a flash of Xian energy blasted the pillar into ashes suddenly.
        “Phew...that was close. I would have been dead if I failed to dodge it in time.” Jumping onto another pillar, the werewolf tore off the human limb on his hands, and cautiously stared at a silver-haired boy in front of him, and a brown hound next to the boy.
        “How dare you kill the ascetic! Unforgivable,” the boy said frankly.
        That little boy was Taishang Laojun, the Celestial Supremacy. He seldom put his oar in the matters of Humans, but the werewolf was stupid enough to lurk in the passage of the Heavenly Kingdom and kill several junior ascetics. This matter had alerted all the Xian and annoyed Taishang Laojun. Then, he brought his loyal hound Gao Yao to hunt down the werewolf right away.
        In the face of Taishang Laojun, the werewolf showed no fear. Instead, he laughed elatedly. “Those ascetics are unappetizing. I’m looking for something more delicious, and now you come...Great! I’m lucky today.”
        “What a rude beast. Let me teach him some manners!” Gao Yao bore its teeth and barked, “Woof! Woof!”
        “Annoying!” The werewolf threw the human limb on his hand at Gao Yao with lightning speed. Shocked by his action, Gao Yao leaped into the air quickly with its back foot. The limb scratched its lower abdomen, leaving a slight cut.
        “Gao Yao, are you alright?” Taishang Laojun checked its condition right away. Fortunately, it was a flesh wound, but still bleeding. “How dare you hurt my hound...I was going to kill you, but now I’ve changed my mind. I’ll make you suffer first,” he gave the werewolf an angry glare.
        Taishang Laojun gathered Xian energy on his hands while approaching the werewolf, who then lifted up a boulder and threw at him. Taishang Laojun remained imperturbable. With just a hand wave, the boulder was shattered in seconds.
        “What…” The werewolf soon noticed he was so foolish to mess with this powerful boy. Then, he began to flee——
        “Woof! Woof!”
        “Ahh!” Gao Yao pounced on the werewolf agilely, who was stiff after being bitten. “Well done, you can let go now,” Taishang Laojun said gently as he petted his hound.
        The werewolf got up; Taishang Laojun did not let him get away with that so easily. He cut off his legs with Xian energy.
        “This is for Gao Yao. As for those ascetics you killed, you’ll pay for this,” Taishang Laojun smiled.
        He tortured the werewolf for a while before killing him. The sun had already gone down, so he hurried home and went straight to an easel in his study room without changing his bloodstained clothes. There was an unfinished painting on the easel, which was the portrait of a pink-haired girl.
        “Master seldom plays with me because of this painting, but today I’ve done a good job in defending the enemy. So, Master will definitely spend time with me!”
        Gao Yao, moving its tail, came up to Taishang Laojun, who was concentrating on drawing and ignored his pet. Then, Gao Yao stood up and jumped on to him.
        “Woof! Woof!”
        “Oh...sorry doggie, I’m busy now. Can we play next time?” Taishang Laojun held Gao Yao in the arms, opened the door, kept it out of the room and shut it.
        “” Gao Yao lay on the floor and whined outside the door. However, Taishang Laojun seemed not to pay attention, completely ignoring the need of his pet.
        Gao Yao had no choice but to give up, lie down dejectedly and stare at the door, waiting for the master. As the previous battle was exhausting, soon it fell asleep.
        “Peep!” Gao Yao was woken up by a sparrow. Opening the eyes, it saw the door open, but Taishang Laojun had already gone.
        “Master isn’t here…” Gao Yao whined. As it was about to leave, it glanced at the painting on the easel.
        “Master must have been going to find that girl...Because of her, Master is indifferent to me now! Darn it!”
        “Woof! Woof!” Gao Yao barked at the portrait. Flying into a fury, it pounced on the painting, tore it off, and stepped on with its muddy legs.
        Then, it bit the painting, running around in the room madly; books and scrolls on the desk were knocked down. Finally, Gao Yao brought the painting to a corner and tore it off with its sharp teeth.
        The portrait was torn into four pieces. Gao Yao finally calmed down. While it was resting, it looked at its own reflection in a bronze mirror.
        “...My wound was bandaged...did Master help me?” The wound caused by the werewolf was covered with a clean cloth. “Master does care about me, but I…”
        “Juhhh…” Gao Yao whined as it felt guilty, lying on the ground and covering its eyes with forefeet.
        At the same time, someone was approaching from the corridor.