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        At first, Jiang Shang thought his mentor offered him the stately words just to comfort him.

        “... This is not where you should be. You should go down the mountain to perform the investiture of gods and assist a wise lord on my behalf. You could make good use of what you have learnt after seeking enlightenment on this mountain for forty years by becoming a lord’s general.”

        Jiang Shang pleaded with his mentor not to send him down the mountain for several times, but his mentor insisted that it was his fate and he should not turn his back on it.

        “Ziya, this is a great opportunity that could not be delayed. Besides, everything is fated and you could hardly escape from it. Though you will be leaving the mountain, you will return as you succeed.”

        There was nothing Jiang Shang could do but to sigh. Together with Sibuxiang the spiritual beast, he went to the realm of men, bringing along all the artifacts and codes given by his mentor with him.

        In the past when the realm of men was threatened by the Gods and Demons, young Jiang Shang was rescued by a merciful xian whom he later followed to the Heavenly Kingdom and sought enlightenment from. He knew this was his fortune, so for years he had been striving to practice asceticism and followed the arrangements of his mentor. Despite the fact of looking young, Jiang Shang had already spent more than forty years on the mountain learning from his mentor. Everything in the human world changes constantly, so how could he find the elves on his own? Jiang Shang thought, ascetics lived in seclusion in the Heavenly Kingdom tended to isolate themselves from the secular world, so that they could cultivate and nurture their heart. He had been happy and undisturbed staying on the mountains practicing until, to his surprise, his mentor asked him to evict the elves in the human world, which rampaged the place.
        He gave another sigh. Jiang Shang rode on Sibuxiang, picturing the realm of men in front of the water gate. As he flew into the gate, he could feel himself entering the miasma of the secular world from the pure atmosphere in the Heavenly Kingdom. Trees and beasts, mountains and rivers, Jiang Shang was surrounded by all the smells of the secular world.

        “If they are learning to become xian, there is no reason for them to be reluctant to leave the mortal world behind.”

        Jiang Shang went back to his hometown. Covered fully by vines, the village in desolation had nothing left but ruins. He only caught a glance of the place and did not stay long before riding Sibuxiang to the sky.

        Jiang Shang, who also named Ziya, was the apprentice of the Celestial Divinity. He was ordered by his mentor to capture the Elves in the human world and imprison them in the Heavenly Kingdom.

        In the past, the war between Gods and Demons erupted in the realm of men. The Gods snapped the Enochian Tower with a mighty strike. Although the war was put to an end, the power of Gods and Demons overflowed the human world, bringing forth all sorts of supernatural phenomenons. The ascetics used themselves as a medium to store the power, and this was the primary way of practicing asceticism. The Trinity of the Heavenly Kingdom would choose the talented ones among the ascetics to join them and that was called “enlightenment”. But there were some who declined the invitation. They were not grateful of the recognition, instead, they became arrogant for the power they had and brought about misfortune upon the human world.

        Jiang Shang had been dwelling in the secular world, capturing Elves by going after the traces of battles. At first, he helped people to capture the Elves, aided the rebellion troops to fend off the evil. However, he never expected an army formed by the Elves which strived to survive would emerge. In order to defend against the troop of Elves, the righteous all joined the rebellion troops. The battles among xian soon grew to become a series of major wars...