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        Once you get involved in secular matters, they come in your way one by one, forever and ever. Jiang Ziya knew this, yet he could not prevent himself from bothered by them. Gradually, he was stuck and changed by a series of matters.

        At the end of the wars caused by the investiture of Gods, Jiang Ziya led his army against the enemy. As the general of the enemy, Shen Gongbao taunted Ziya to accept a duel. The troops were so enraged that Ziya could only agree to it. For a very long time, Ziya had been trying hard to reject Shen Gongbao’s request for a duel, yet he had no choice but to confront him at this very moment as he must complete the investiture of Gods. As the fellows duel in the light of their spells, Shen Gongbao attacked with every power at his disposal and slashed out at Ziya, who could merely defend. At the moment Shen Gongbao raised his whip while casting a spell, summoning a tremendous crash of thunder. Riding on Sibuxiang, Ziya also cast a spell waving his whip in the mid-air, distributing twenty-five seals to snap the thunderbolt into two and another fifty to diverge the two flashes. Lightning struck and counteracted each other. At the split second, bolts of lightning flickered across the sky that even Shen Gongbao must shield his eyes with his arms. Suddenly, nine seals struck like a sword towards him. Shen Gongbao could only defend himself, exhausting all his pneuma for he had failed to dodge. He could not summon any thunder then.

        As the lightning faded, Jiang Ziya said to Shen Gongbao, with his fist cupped in the other hand, “Brother, Ziya has lost once again.”

        “Nonsense! You managed to survive from my thunder, and now my pneuma has been exhausted! You can knock me down even with a single blow on my head!”

        “There is no way I can do that. If I capture you here, the enemies will definitely retreat, ruining my plan of breaking your array; but now I let you go safe and sound, you will learn new strategies from this battle. I have used up all my seals and I have been busy for the investiture, I am not as skillful in asceticism as you do. Therefore, in this rivalry between you and I, I am destined to lose.”

        Shen Gongbao gazed at the sky and laughed, “ ‘I am destined to lose’? I used to regard myself as a free man, but at last I too am bound by destiny! In this past you distanced yourself from secular matters, but now you are obsessed with victory as well!”

        Shen Gongbao then rode his tiger away and Jiang Ziya felt bitter as he saw him leave. The battle around Ziya intensified and he had no time to think about it. It was not until he returned to the camp that he realized what his did his fellow truly mean.

        “Now that I am fully immersed in the secular world. What I do is no longer moral, as a xian should...” In the past, whenever Shen Gongbao pleaded for a battle, he always managed to flee. He could have done the same today, but for the investiture of Gods, he gave in. ‘How many things in the past really happened the way that I intended at the beginning?’

        Just the moment a general set a fire on the enemies and the arrays scattered. Ziya’s heart ached: if his intention remained unchanged, he would have stopped this from happening. “Like what Gongbao said, all xian are shackled by destiny and none of us could run from it...”

        As entrusted by the Celestial Divinity, Jiang Ziya captured mischievous Elves in the chaotic human world. At the beginning, Ziya was tired of secular matters. He only wanted to get the deed done and return to the Heavenly Kingdom as soon as possible. As Ziya captured those who gave rise to wars with their power in the battlefield, he was acclaimed by the mortal. When Ziya realized what was happening, he was already being worshipped as the Celestial General. Hotly pursued by the mortal, he was bound by the secular world...