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        “Jinnie, be careful!” A lady called worriedly from outside the fence, but a smile still hung on her face.

        “Jinnie! That way! There is a beautiful wooden horse not far from you. It fits your clothes today!” A man, also on the other side of the fence, caught up with the girl and yelled excitedly.

        The little girl was fascinated by the colorful wooden horses. On the merry-go-round, she concentrated that horse most suitable for her. Her little figure ran through the string of ponies, seeking and sensing throughout. Finally, she found her dream wooden horse. She climbed onto it without thinking. She lightly smiled, her hands held onto the reins. She waited for the merry-go-round to start.

        Not long after, the machine started to rotate and the ponies went up and down; joyful laughter filled the air. The little girl sat straight and looked around. She finally located her parents after going around once. Excited, the little girl waved at her parents, and they waved back at her...

        Years later, the little girl came back again as an elegant maiden. She approached the ragged merry-go-round; episodes of her memory replayed. The recollection was so sharp; yet, the scenery before her eyes was so dull. This place was once a quaint little town, but after Demons’ bloodwash and sabotage, people either fled or died. Since then, the town became a ghost town and no one ever stepped foot there again.

        While the maiden was one of the survivors, her parents were slaughtered in the incident. Still, she managed to overcome difficulty to raise herself.

        ‘When I was on the merry-go-round, no matter how many times I went around, the sight before my eyes remained the same. I wish life could be like that, and time could forever stay at the happy moments, never to run again.’

        “I can make that come true.” A child’s voice rang from not far away.

        Before the maiden could react, she was enveloped by intense light. When she opened her eyes again, everything around had become gigantic; the maiden was shocked to find her body transformed into a top. While she was wondering what had happened, a girl walked before her with a smile:

        “Go and fulfill your ‘wish’! Do not waste this rare chance...”