Woodbury arrived at Wonderland and finally saw the one she had always wanted to kill — Alice. After assigning her toys to handle the residents of Wonderland, Woodbury charged at Alice. Both of them conjured immense power to attack each other, but when their spheres of elements were about to impact, fire spheres suddenly appeared and nullified their attacks. It was the elder sister of the three — Doris...

        “All the pieces of my chessboard have finally gathered.” Alice leisurely said.

        Since their mother’s demise, the three sisters had not seen each other in years. Doris put her muskets back into their holsters and wrapped her arms around the sisters’ necks. She pulled them close and said, “As long as the three of us are together, there is nothing we can’t solve, right?” Light elements gathered around Woodbury’s body as she said, “There are things we can’t just let go!” She shook off Doris’ arm and exchanged a glance with Jinnie, who immediately rotated her body and created a water spout. Just as Woodbury wanted to hurl the spout toward Alice, she was surprised to see Alice already holding a chessboard in her hand as she manipulated the spout with her power. The water spout enclosed Doris and Woodbury before it gradually condensed into ice. No matter how hard they tried , they could not break free from the ice.

        “Humph! You killed mother, and now you’re going to kill us?” Woodbury yelled at Alice, hatred visible in her eyes. Even when she faced death, Woodbury’s crave for revenge did not waver, but Alice only replied with a smile: “If I don’t do this, you won’t listen to what I want to say. Especially you, Woodbury, my little sister.” “I’m not your little sister! Since the day you killed mother, you’re dead to me!”

        Suddenly, sounds of clapping rang from the other end of the hall. The sisters looked toward the source of the sound; they did not even notice the arrival of the peculiar visitor. He was exuding immense and familiar demonic power that was similar to that of Doris, Alice, and their mother, Ozma. “Haha. I am Nome. It surprises me to see my granddaughter talented enough to utilize the power of our clan and create this unique ‘Wonderland’. I was always right; a pure lineage is important to us!” Nome slowly approached the sisters and said, “Today! I can finally eradicate the shame of our clan!” Without saying another word, Nome conjured a gigantic fire sphere and hurled it toward Woodbury, which Alice hurriedly blocked by channeling water elemental power. However, the fire sphere was too powerful. After protecting Woodbury from Nome’s attack, Alice used so much of her power that the ice “jail” also lost its sustainability. Doris and Woodbury dashed to Alice as Doris worriedly said, “Alice...” “You...why did you save me? Weren’t you trying to kill us?” Woodbury said with a slightly sobbing voice. No matter how much she hated Alice, all Woodbury could think of were the days when they happily played together. “’re my...precious...sister...” Alice could feel drops of water slide across her face; it was Woodbury’s tears. All the hatred Woodbury had toward Alice suddenly vanished.

        However, the peculiar visitor did not give up that easily. He conjured a number of fireballs and attacked the sisters again! To protect them, Jinnie hastily rotated to create a wall of water, but her power could not rival the attacker’s. Woodbury then shared her power with Jinnie before the wall of water was just about to evaporate. Jinnie, who now possessed immense power, conjured an even taller and thicker wall to protect the sisters, but the man’s attacks did not cease. He continued launching incessant attacks as he walked toward Doris, Alice and Woodbury behind the water wall...

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