John was an expert at killing. Since his first success in assassination, he was more convinced that he was born to be an assassin. He could conceal himself perfectly into the shadows to inflict his foes a deadly blow. He was so obsessed with the art of killing that he had nearly gone astray. Fortunately, with the help of the astralists, John was able to keep his sanity.

        In the war between Gods and Demons, John helped the brigades push forward by assassinating the generals of the enemies. When necessary, he would also show up in the front line, fighting with his blades on his arms and the claws on his back. John was well praised by the warriors for his service, but he knew that assassinations alone could not bring about victory. Therefore he had been following the orders he had received, devoting himself for the victory of the Gods without asking for any rewards. But his superiors had different opinions, that they were afraid John might replace them someday. Therefore they sent John to assassinate a mighty general of the Demons. Although John knew he was no match for his target, he remained obedient and departed for his mission. He injured his enemy with his countless blades, but was fended off by the enemy and severely wounded. John had a sharp wit and he understood the intention of his superiors, so he did not go back. Instead, he hid inside an ancient palace alone, yet collapse in a heap before the dusty gates.

“Is death... really that frightening?” John asked the dead.

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