Knocks came from the entrance of a manor. The manservant went to open the door after receiving an order from an adolescent. It was a little girl.

        “Sweetie, why are you here? Have you lost your way?”

        The little girl pulled out a note from her pocket and said to the manservant, “Hello. I am here to be a bodyguard.” The manservant opened the note and and was surprised to see that it was a mission note from Hunterville. The handwriting on the note was, without a doubt, his late master’s...

        Suddenly, the adolescent fell onto the floor with a boom — he tripped on the tea table. The manservant hurriedly helped him up, “Be careful, master.” “Sorry...If not for you, I would probably have no way of living.” The adolescent’s unfocused eyes kept gazing forward.

        The adolescent used to live with his grandfather, with his activities of daily living assisted by the manservant and his grandfather because of his born blindness. However, his disability did not cause the adolescent to give up on himself and instead, he learned to treat others with kindness and was therefore adored by many. Unfortunately, his grandfather died in his sleep the night before; the responsibility of organizing the funeral fell upon the adolescent.

        “Nice to meet you. I am your new bodyguard, Jolly.” Jolly extended a formal greeting to the adolescent with a childlike voice, even though she knew he could not see her. The manservant leaned close to the adolescent and whispered, “This is indeed the late master’s handwriting, but...” “Grandfather sent her. There is no need to worry. Well, I am counting on you.” The adolescent shook hands with Jolly as she said, “Please rest assured! I am sufficiently qualified for this mission.”

        The next day, the adolescent and Jolly traveled in a horse carriage attached with a cart carrying his grandfather's coffin. Meanwhile, the manservant was responsible for driving the horse carriage. Sunlight brought warmth to the land and wind, along with the smell of grass, blew into the carriage through the half-open window. The adolescent closed his eyes and concentrated on sensing the message carried to him by smell and sensation.

        “We are arriving soon, aren’t we?” The adolescent leisurely asked.

        Jolly read off the map and was obviously shocked, “Oh! How did you know?”

        “The wind told me.” A smile spread across the adolescent’s face while Jolly imitated his actions to try and perceive the world the way that he did — the birds’ hum, the horse’s klopps, the trees’ silence. A long time passed when the horse suddenly neighed in fear and the carriage abruptly stopped. Just as Jolly was getting off the carriage to see what had happened, a scimitar slashed down from the side of the door but Jolly agilely dodged the strike and launched a counter attack, punching the man heavily on his chest.

        Jolly then looked around and saw that they were surrounded by numerous well-built men. The men charged forward to subdue Jolly, but she nimbly evaded all the attacks with her tiny and flexible body. “Humph. This is boring. Is that all you got?” Her words irritated the men and they charged toward the girl from all sides, but Jolly showed no sign of haste. With a high jump, the girl escaped their attack and the strong men bumped into each other, rendering them dizzy. Just as Jolly wanted to deal the final blow, the manservant shouted to her, “Stop! If you don’t want anything to happen to him.” Jolly looked toward the manservant and shockingly saw him holding a scimitar against the neck of the unconscious adolescent.

        They tied Jolly up with a rope before the manservant approached and said, “He’s very important to me... as he's the only inheritor of all his grandfather's money!” Just as he wanted to take the adolescent back onto the carriage, Jolly suddenly laughed and said, “What a despicable man.” Upon hearing that, the manservant dashed toward her and slapped her in the face, but that didn't stop her from laughing. Instead, she laughed harder and louder when a magic circle appeared on the ground and a brown arm reached out from it...

        Seeing the gigantic gorilla in front of them, the bandits dropped their weapons. With just a roar, the gorilla scared them away. Although the manservant wanted to do the same, the thought of money drove him to raise his scimitar and slash the gigantic beast. However, the gorilla’s skin was stiff like metal, chipping the scimitar's blade. The gorilla then held the manservant in its fist and started pounding its chest! In a short while, the gorilla stopped and what was left of the manservant was a boneless flimsy body. Then, Jolly walked up to the gorilla and said, “Put him down and untie me.” However, the gorilla did not listen to her but kept on playing with the body, so she took out a banana and gently ordered, “Come on! Good boy!” Upon seeing the banana, the gorilla tossed the manservant away.

        The gorilla carried the adolescent, Jolly and the coffin on its back as it traveled swiftly among the woods. When they arrived at the cemetery, the gorilla helped place the coffin safely into the soil ground. The adolescent remained unconscious, while Jolly walked to the tombstone and gravely said, “I still haven't thanked you for all that you have done for me. If you hadn’t sent me to the orphanage and gave me money for daily expenses, I would have died a long time ago.” She gently touched the carvings on the stone and continued, “Do not worry. I will protect him for you.”

        At that moment, the adolescent finally woke up. “This is...?”

        Jolly walked to the adolescent and helped him up, “That was close! But we’re safe now.” She took him near the grave and said, “This is your grandfather’s grave.” With that said, Jolly and the gorilla stepped aside, giving the adolescent some time to be alone. She could see the adolescent slightly trembling — she knew that they shared the same sorrow. Jolly swore that she would return the favor and protect the person whom the grandfather cherished the most...

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