In the forest, a gigantic spear whooshed onto a moose’s neck. Layers of ice crept from the spear’s body, and the moose was soon frozen by the cold. Content, Skadi withdrew her spear.

        Not far from the forest was a rendezvous plundered from Humans in a raid led by Thiazi, the new chief of Jotunns. Although its environment paled in comparison with Human cities, it was still exceptionally better than living in a cave as they had in the past. As she neared the town, game in tow, she could hear fighting ahead. Skadi assumed Hrungnir had gotten drunk and was becoming boisterous again. She could not help but shake her head and approach the source of the commotion, planning to admonish him. He simply does not have the awareness to properly play his role as the clan’s second in command.

        She felt the noise close. Skadi saw that Thiazi, now in the shape of a falcon, tussling with Hrungnir and Farbauti over an object glittering with golden light.

        ‘What is Farbauti doing here?’ Doubt filled Skadi’s heart: Farbauti was a subordinate of the previous chief, and had disliked any contact with Thiazi and his likes. Why would he collaborate with Hrungnir? What are they scrambling for?

        Nevertheless, Skadi did not have the time to think before Hrungnir discovered her: “Skadi! Thiazi wants to keep the ‘Holy Longevity Fruit’ to himself. Freeze him before he flies away!”

        “Skadi, Hrungnir and Farbauti are trying to kill me! Help me; freeze them!” Thiazi immediately denied.

        Skadi had a lot of questions about the ‘Holy Longevity Fruit’ and the opposing statements left her perplexed. She knew that Hrungnir would never lie, but she also had to trust Thiazi’s words. He was the chief afterall.

        “Skadi, this is the ‘Holy Fruit’! Believe us. Freeze Thiazi!” Farbauti demonstrated the golden apple which he had just got.

        Taking advantage of Farbauti’s distracted state, Thiazi grasped the chance to dig its claw into his eye, successfully grabbing back the golden apple: “Skadi, don’t fall for this! They want to own the ‘Holy Fruit’, and so they’ve ganged up on me!”

        “Stop!” The argument had sapped Skadi of her patience. Thus, she channeled all elemental power within her and created a fierce blizzard, attempting to freeze the three all at once. That way, she could ask her questions properly.

        Thiazi flapped its wings hard to struggle out of Skadi’s attack range, but it was too late to evade and its claws were hit! The golden apple in its claw could not bear the hard strike and shattered into pieces. The power within it burst out and clashed with the blizzard, giving off a wave of blinding light. The light traveled along and covered every inch of the Jotunn land!

        Yet, something unexpected happened within Skadi, as she felt an unusual change swim through her body. When she was able to reopen her eyes, all was blanketed in pure white snow. The three were not where they had been anymore; looking around, Skadi found that even her own body disappeared! What remained was merely her soul. She wanted to understand what had happened but her consciousness faded...

        Skadi had triggered the power of the Holy Fruit, returning the bodies of all Jotunns to a time before their birth. Without a body, the Jotunns’ souls were left slumbering in the snow, waiting until an individual who could guide them to the destination where they now belonged.

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