In the wide and sunny sky, a falcon slowly hovered above the cities of the Northern Alliance.

        Thiazi was the only Jotunn who harnessed the power of transformation. He could transform into a falcon at will and soar in the skies until he chose to return. Thiazi looked around for a place to land before finally deciding on the most spectacular building in the city. He, not unlike the decorative statues, perfectly blended with the appearance of the building he stood on. This place was the best spot for observation, as people’s conversations would be directed here by the wind —

        “Did you see that? A really big bird just flew by!”, “That would last us quite a few days, huh?”, “Chop chop! A whole bunch of goods is waiting to be delivered!”, “Time for shift change...You! Slacking off again, huh?!”, “The ‘Holy Fruit of the Divine Tree’ is inside! Keep an eye on it!” —

        ‘Holy Fruit! That really exists?’ Thiazi stared at the military building not far away where the changing of the guard was taking place.

        ‘Fascinating. That Farbauti did not lie to me.’ Thiazi fluttered his wings and flew atop the military building’s spire, observing the number and station of the guards: ‘No wonder he told me about the Fruit. Among all in the clan, I am probably the only one who is capable of stealing it.’

        Thiazi recalled how Farbauti had persuaded him to steal the “Holy Fruit of the Divine Tree”. Loyal to the previous chief, Farbauti had never initiated a conversation with Thiazi who usurped the throne after all. However, he had come to request a private conversation that day. Thiazi had thought that Farbauti intended to challenge him to a duel, without expecting Farbauti to tell him about the “Holy Fruit”, which had never been revealed to Jotunns.

        “‘All-curing Holy Fruit which can grant creatures with longevity’...could it revive the dead?” Thiazi raised his brows and looked into Farbauti’s eyes.

        Farbauti turned away: “I don’t know. I only learnt about it from rumors.”

        “Why are you telling me about it?”

        “I’m merely honoring my promise.”

        The day Thiazi launched a coup, Farbauti promised to “provide intelligence useful to the Jotunns” on the sole condition that Ymir, daughter of the previous chief, lives. Thiazi had not expected Farbauti to keep his promise; the sole reason he spared Ymir and kept her unharmed till this day was out of a morbid interest in seeing her attempt vengeance upon him. However, Thiazi did not believe what Farbauti said. He had only come to the destination for a casual inspection, but it turned out to be a surprisingly fruitful trip.

        ‘Juding from his attitude...the guy’s probably thinking of reviving that old man. This intelligence about the so-called “Holy Fruit” probably came from Ymir. Among the clan, only she would study peculiar things like that.’ Thiazi pondered while staring at the guards of the “Holy Fruit”: ‘Farbauti, do you think I’m really stupid enough to let you revive that old man? Of course, I will acquire the longevity-granting Holy Fruit. But it shall belong to me, and me alone.’

        Thiazi rejoiced over his scheme while he seized an opportunity, snatching one of the Holy Fruits. The sudden attack by a gigantic falcon left the guards in chaos. Taking advantage of their distraction, the falcon spread its wings and escaped into the skies.

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