“Thiazi, you jerk!” Hrungnir swung his flint club while charging at Thiazi!

        Hrungnir was the most trusted right-hand man of Thiazi, the chief of Jotunns. However, Hrungnir was now unexpectedly attacking him. However, Thiazi easily dodged the attack with his usual smile on his face: “What is it? Have you been drinking again?”

        “I’m not drunk! Tell me the truth, Thiazi. Did you steal the ‘Holy Longevity Fruit’?” Smashes with the flint club and swings with the iron ax, linked to the club with a chain — yet all Hrungnir’s attacks were futile as Thiazi agilely, brandished in Thiazi’s front, but Thiazi agilely evaded every strike.

        Thiazi did not appear to comprehend the accusation: “I really don’t know what you’re talking about!”

        “You feigning rat! Farbauti has told me everything!”

        “You’re putting your faith in him? You do realize he worked for my predecessor, right?”

        “So you think he’d ‘witness your monopolization of the profits and hold his tongue’?”

        “You are quoting him directly, aren’t you? You aren’t that metaphoric.” Hrungnir was left tongue-tied with Thiazi’s rebuttal, and his rage began to build up.

        “Darn! Farbauti, you talk to him!”

        Deemed a subordinate of the previous chief, Farbauti had put a lot of effort before he could gain Hrungnir’s trust. To prevent Hrungnir from being misled by Thiazi again, Farbauti had been hiding behind a rock and observing their conversation. At the sight of Farbauti walking out, Thiazi wore a stern expression and glared unblinkingly at him. Farbauti did not say a word and instead, he swung his ax, flinging the chain towards Thiazi. Thiazi did not attempt to evade when the weight on the chain lifted up his feather collar, under which a small apple glittered in gold.

        “This is the ‘Holy Fruit of the Divine Tree’. Rumor has it that it can cure all, and grant creatures with longevity.” Farbauti stared back at Thiazi coldly.

        “Humph! Farbauti, how dare you sow discord among us!”

        “Thiazi! What do you have to say now?” Hrungnir wielded his flint club and iron ax again, dashing to Thiazi.

        “Hrungnir, why are you so angry? Longevity, of course, belongs to the chief.” Thiazi airily said while jumping backwards, lengthening the distance between himself and his opponents.

        “How do you think you became chief? Why don’t I beat the heck out of you, and then I will be chief from now on!”

        Whistling through his fingers, Hrungnir took advantage of Farbauti’s distraction of Thiazi, summoned a gigantic horse and mounting it. Compared to fighting on foot, Hrungnir was far more competent in horseback fighting, and his horse was well-trained to perfectly coordinate with his movements. A quick tap from Hrungnir and his horse began its charge at Thiazi!

        Thiazi had only struggled out of Farbauti’s range of attack when Hrungnir’s mounted assault was already upon him! However, Thiazi did not want to linger in the fight; seizing the opportunity before Hrungnir could wield his weapon, he transformed into a falcon, escaping to the skies...

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