Under the leadership of Thiazi, the Jotunns invaded Human-controlled areas. After they seized the Human lands, Thiazi allocated a house, one located farthest from the center, to Farbauti and Ymir. Farbauti had been guarding Ymir from all harm, just as he did when the previous chief was still alive. As for Ymir, she spent her time in the house, reading the books the previous owner had collected. She had learnt magic spells from them in the hope that she could take over from Thiazi as chief some day.

        “That’s it.” Passing an antique scroll to Farbauti, Ymir pointed at a drawing on it, said, “This is the Holy Fruit imbued with power from the ‘Divine Tree’. It can cure all injuries and sickness, granting longevity to its consumer.”

        “What do you mean?” Perplexed, Farbauti could not predict Ymir’s intention.

        “Once we get our hands on the Holy Fruit, we will possess curing power and longevity. It’s certain that the tribespeople will then stand on our side. This will give me a chance to reclaim my chiefdom from Thiazi! Furthermore, perhaps it can even bring my father back to life...”

        Nevertheless, even the wise Farbauti found it impossible to look for any other clue. For the Holy Fruit of the Divine Tree was a myth that had been passed down from the ancient time; all their knowledge of it came from merely a piece of text recorded in a scroll.

        A few years later, Farbauti happened to pass by a battlefield of Humans against Demons. He seemingly heard “Holy Fruit” being mentioned by a random soldier at the Humans camp. That was how Farbauti found out that the Holy Fruit had fallen into Human hands. He stealthily followed these people to one of the cities of Northern Alliance. Yet, with Jotunns twice or thrice the size of Humans, it was difficult for him to approach and investigate without alerting them. He could only observe from afar.

        ‘What a bother. Even if I can hide in the city, it’s still impossible for me to obtain the Holy Fruit without being spotted. Only if I could ever transform into animal... Oh yes, Thiazi!’

        Farbauti remembered that Thiazi could transform himself into a falcon. In that deceptive form, Thiazi could easily scout in the city unhindered and perhaps could even steal anything he wanted. Besides, Farbauti thought that stealing the fruit from Thiazi was much easier than from thousands of Humans. Yet, to manipulate Thiazi, he might have to remind him of “the incident” that had happened long time ago—

        Back then, after Thiazi had usurped the chiefdom, he had promised to spare the previous chief’s sole offspring, but for a price: Farbauti, who had been loyal to the previous chief, would have to do Thiazi a favor.

        “Really? This is all you want me to do?” Farbauti stared at the new chief Thiazi with uncertainty.

        “You would never do anything that can harm Ymir. Hence, So, what I need you to do is simple, merely ‘provide intelligence useful to the Jotunns’. I guess that shouldn’t be a challenge for you, right? After all, you’ve always been the best in our tribe at collecting intelligence. Of course, I would be the one to decide whether the information you have provided is useful or not. Now, little Ymir’s life depends on you! You do the math.’

        ‘All-curing Holy fruit which can grant creatures with longevity... I bet that should be intelligence useful to the tribe.’ Staring at the bustling city, Farbauti’s mind drifted back to the reality as he contemplated his next move.

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