The Jotunns inhabited a snowy mountain neighboring the North. But, among the Humans living in the North, few would know their existence.

        “Thiazi, my life is in your hands. If you want to kill me, go right ahead.” Stepping out of Farbauti’s protection, she strode past him and stood high in front of Thiazi.

        “Milady!” Farbauti attempted to pull Ymir back behind him again. Yet, Ymir halted him.

        Thiazi whistled, “How bold! Our 'former' chief would feel so proud to have you as his daughter.”

        Ymir’s father, the previous chief of Jotunns, insisted that they make no contact with the Humans, hoping this would prevent unnecessary wars. Jotunns like Thiazi, on the other hand, could no longer stand life on a remote mountain anymore. He proposed leaving the mountain to access better resources and improve well-being. Therefore, Thiazi colluded with Hrungnir, by both fair means or foul, gaining a majority of Jotunns to nominate Thiazi as chiefn.

        According to the tribe’s rules, one must duel for the chiefdom. Whenever more than half of the tribespeople nominate a new chief, the present chief had to duel the challenger in a fight to the death before the masses. If the present chief was overthrown, the new chief would cut all of the loose ends, exterminating all of the predecessor's family.

        “Milady, Thiazi cannot have won the tribe’s support without using manipulating the tribe. He is not qualified to be the real chief of our tribe, and thus does not have the right to execute you!” Farbauti had always been loyal to the family of Ymir, and never planned to recognize Thiazi as the new chief.

        “But, father did accept the challenge, and he was undeniably defeated. As his daughter, I naturally shall bear the full consequence of his decision.”
        “You have surprised me. I did not expect you to stand up to face your death, judging from your usual cowardice.” An idea suddenly came to Thiazi as he was listening to the duo’s conversation. With a sly smile, he told them, “Let me make it simple for you. If Farbauti promises to offer me a favor, I wouldn’t mind sparing your life, Ymir.”

        “What evil ideas have you contrived again?” Farbauti was still defensive towards him.

        “You only have to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”

        “Fine, one favor!”

        “Right. We’ll see each other again, little Ymir.” Thiazi chuckled, a flippant tone obvious.

        Seeing Thiazi leaving, Ymir could no longer hold herself up as all the strength drained from her body. Fortunately, Farbauti had steadied her before she collapsed. Ymir’s courage had been a guise for Thiazi’s benefit.

        “Milady, it must be hard on you.”

        Later, Thiazi led the tribespeople in a raid and seized a town from Humans; they then settled there. Ymir was allocated to the remotest corner of the town, in where different kinds of books were stored. Every day, she spent her time reading, and inadvertently found books with accounts of ancient power. Ymir had equipped herself by learning every bit of knowledge on magic from the books to prepare herself for the day she could usurp the chiefdom back from Thiazi.. She collected bones of Human inhabitants who had been slaughtered by her tribespeople; with that as materials, she developed a brand of necromantic dark magic unique to herself.

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