Thrud had become a valkyrie to stay by her father's side, and they fought together in many battles. Unfortunately, this could not continue. The increasing number and scale of battles eventually forced her and her father to be deployed to different battlefields. In the end, they saw each other even less frequently than before. Still, Thrud would brew a large quantity of wine each time she left home for a battle, preparing to share it with her father to celebrate victories. Unfortunately, their timing was always off; her father would never be there when she was home.

        Although she never did see him there, Thrud's heart would always fill with elation whenever she returned home. She would imagine that her father was sitting on the edge of the table, drinking the wine she had brewed while awaiting her return. One night, Thrud returned home in triumph, and excitedly opened the door as usual. Yet, again, his father, who she longed so much to see, was not there. Walking into the wine cellar alone, she opened the seal of a random barrel of wine and began drinking. Yet, as the wine ran down her throat, it only imparted an intense bitterness in her mouth; it was as if all the positives of the wine were lost.

        Thrud did not know how many glasses of wine she had drunk. Collapsed, she raised her glass high towards that desolate cellar. “Cheers!” She yelled melancholically. In the beginning, she had decided to become a valkyrie only because she wanted to spend more time with her father. However, the result was contrary to her expectations. She attended to a superficial way of staying together with her father; on the contrary, it even took away the precious little time which she could have spent with her father.

        After endless disappointment, and myriad battles, Thrud gradually understood that as long as war continued, she and her father would likely not be able to reunite.
        Therefore, Thrud started to look for a practical method to cease the war forever. She roamed across various battlefields as valkyrie, using her wisdom to defeat the enemy or force a surrender. As she realized endless battles and celebrations implied that she and her father would be perpetually separated, her attitude was completely changed. In the past, she celebrated triumphs with her wine; now, she no longer brewed her wine in preparation of celebrating victorious conquest, but instead, for the day when she had finally put an end to the war.

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