Gondul did indeed receive power from Odin after she had drank the divine wine. Her duty was to bring challenges to the kings, and to crown the kings of northern kingdoms on Odin’s behalf. At the same time, she was granted the right to judge the actions of kings. During her first coronation, her godly power told of the king’s blood-stained hands. That king had used insidious means to eliminate his brothers, and his road to the throne was paved with myriad skulls and bodies. Gondul suddenly understood what Odin had told her.

        ‘This ruthless ambition would drive you to greater success.”

        All those who achieved kingship were aggressive aspirants who could not have come to their throne without the thirst for power and the use of devious means. As these were the people she was going to face, Odin was actually using her desire for power and deviousness to control those kingdoms. Not only did Odin see through her, he even managed to exploit her. Gondul began deciding on these people’s eligibility for kingship with her feelings as the sole criteria; she would refuse to crown a man just because his appearance or voice did not win her favor. In the beginning, she simply refused to crown them, and did not further harm or exile them. But this changed when she wanted to completely control all the kingdoms of the Northern Alliance.

        “You are not qualified to be king!” Gondul denounced a kneeling man waiting to be crowned. She thought to herself, “I don’t like how he looks with the crown.”

        Gondul waved her hand, and sent the king flying back. He stood in rage, drew his sword and challenged Gondul, while his soldiers did the same. Suddenly, the king’s chest was stabbed through, bringing a smile to Gondul’s face. Another man walked out from behind the king, and knelt before her. The king shocked, for he had never thought that it was someone from his inner-circle that betrayed him. Blood was oozing out from the king’s chest, dying his white shirt crimson. He finally collapsed, and despite his sight losing focus, he kept staring with resentment the traitor who was going to take his place — the man knelt before Gondul, preparing to receive the royal crown.

        “You have passed the assessment. And now under my witness, you shall be the new king of this tribe!”

        Gondul admired that handsome man in front of her. She placed the royal crown on his head, and handed him the scepter of monarchy. The man slowly raised, and turned to the masses behind him, raising his scepter high. Then, the masses bowed to the new king.

        Gondul watched from the side while a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. She considered it be her right to decide who shall be king, for she was qualified to judge a king's action. Though her power came from Odin, he himself could neither manipulate her nor object to her decisions...

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